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Why Your Children Will Learn from Your Actions Rather Than Words

Why Your Children Will Learn from Your Actions Rather Than Words

We’re all familiar with the classic adage “Actions speak louder than words”. But, how many of us are active followers of it? Of course, words have their own significance, but if your actions don’t follow, you’ve lost the most crucial bedrock. What you do is ultimately more powerful than what you say.
Parenting is not easy. For those who are new, the experience can be all too overwhelming. Now that there’s a toddler in your life, things are soon going to take a 360-degree turn. With newer quirks and antics every passing day, you might’ve observed that children learn best through actions.
At this stage, when your child is learning by physically exploring and observing the environment around him, words can’t matter as much as your actions. In order to raise secure, confident children, you need to be present around them and teach them the rules through your own example.

Your Child is Constantly Observing and Imitating

Jean Piaget, an esteemed developmental psychologist, called the toddler stage as the sensorimotor stage. The child’s learning process is heavily dependent on imitating observed actions. So, if you’re on the phone all day, don’t be surprised when your toddler starts protesting for some screen time of his own.
Bursting in anger or having a loud argument in front of a child is also a big no-no. They’re learning that it’s normal to express aggression. Everything you do in front of your children will have consequences. If you really want them to become confident, empowered, and emotionally healthy adults, then you need to start adopting those habits first.

How to Set a Healthy Example for Your Toddler

As a parent, you have an incredible role to play for your growing toddler. Those little eyes and ears are on you all the time. A slip of the tongue or a loud bang on the table in a fit of anger can easily make its way into their memory.
However, there are ways to nip the anger in the bud and pass on healthy habits to your child.

Practice Good Stress Management

Raising a toddler isn’t easy, especially when you have to manage a job alongside. However, this is your time to teach both yourself and your child how to manage stress positively. Sit down for a relaxing yoga session or get busy with some rejuvenating stretches. In 9 cases out of 10, your toddler will notice and start copying you.
You can even read a book with your little one before bed. Not only is it a good way to cut out screen time, but it is also a healthy exercise for both you and your child.

Show and Tell

If you want your toddler to follow a few ground rules, the best way is to act out the behaviour. For example, put the toys back into the basket, use a tissue or a sanitizer, or clean up after yourself. Make sure your toddler is noticing you when you do these.

With time, they will start mimicking the same actions in your absence. Instead of lashing out at them for making a mess, clean it up in front of them, and lead by example.

It’s time to take this proverb out of the textbooks and consciously implement it into your parent-child relationship. For more parenthood tips, check out DCARO UK!

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