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Tips on How to Get Your Baby Started on Solid Foods

Tips on How to Get Your Baby Started on Solid Foods

Knowing that your baby is ready for its first taste of solid food is an incredibly happy moment! For the first six months after your baby’s birth, doctors recommend only breastfeeding them. However, between the ages of 4 to 6 months, a majority of babies are ready to devour solid foods in addition to their regular breast feeding. 

Before you start feeding your baby solid foods, you need to know if your baby is ready for it. Here are a few indications to help you figure out whether your baby is ready for solid foods or not. 

How to Know If Your Baby is Ready for Solid Foods

Watch out for these indications if you’re wondering if your baby is ready for solid food. 

  1. Can your baby sit in an upright position with support?
  2. Can your baby hold their head up steadily?
  3. Has your baby started mouthing their toys or hands?
  4. Is your baby leaning in and opening their mouth? 

If your baby has shown all these four indicators, then congratulations! Your baby is ready to begin eating solid foods. 

Well, now that you know your baby is ready for solid food, here are a few tips that make the entire process easier for you.  

Offer Sweet or Savory Items

Initially, you can’t know for sure what your baby likes. While most people recommend starting them off with savory items, such as vegetables, you can also start by giving them sweet items. Babies generally like sweet items. So, in case your child doesn’t like eating vegetables, you might want to offer it fruits. 

Give Cereal 

Cereal is one of the easiest items for your child to swallow. Moreover, since it is sweet and much like baby food, children love cereal. However, if you are planning on feeding your child cereal, make sure that you do so with a spoon. Feeding your baby cereal through a bottle not only presents a choking hazard but also causes your child to gain weight. Additionally, by feeding it with a spoon, you teach your child eating norms.

Give Your Baby Some Time to Get Used to New Foods

When it comes to your baby, it takes time for them to get accustomed to new things. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ease your baby into things rather than forcing them as this will only make them hate certain things. So, if your baby doesn’t like or turns away from a specific food, don’t force or push them. 

For the time being, focus on feeding them items they like so they get in the habit of eating solid foods. However, after a few days, you can try feeding them the item they turned away from. Oftentimes, children don’t like certain things instantly but over a period of time, they may develop a taste for them. 

Getting your baby started on solid foods is quite a task. It requires a lot of time and effort, so stay strong! 

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