travelling with a newborn on a plane

Tips for Travelling With a Newborn

Tips for Travelling With a Newborn

Worried about flying with your newborn when he’s just a few weeks old?
If your doctor has given you the all-clear, then there’s no reason for you to postpone your travelling plans with your little one. Some airlines may not allow you to fly with your baby unless he’s at least two weeks old.
Check with your airline about their policies before booking a flight to avoid running into any problems later on. You may need to provide them a letter from your doctor as well to get the go-ahead.
Once you’ve got the technicalities sorted, there’s not much left except getting your baby ready for travel. Here are some tips for new parents when they’re first flying with a newborn baby.

Avoid Over-packing

It’s easy to over-pack when you have a newborn but you need to resist the temptation and think practically. If you can buy diapers where you’re going, then you don’t need stuff your luggage full of them. Just keep enough for travel and use the extra space to pack other necessities.

Use a Baby Carrier

To make the boarding process easier, get a baby carrier and strap him on to yourself. When you’re lugging a lot of suitcases, you need to keep your hands free. Don’t bring the stroller unless you don’t have much hand baggage. A baby carrier is ideal for you as it will make things a lot easier during long waiting hours at the airport.

Don’t Overdress Your Baby

You can’t help but dress your baby up in fancy travel wear, but you shouldn’t forget about the complications you’ll face at security. Unless the weather calls for it, there’s no reason to overdress him.
If you’re worried your baby will catch a cold if you don’t dress him up, then you can always keep a blanket with you that will be a lot easier to remove. Don’t wear large overcoats and jackets yourself when you’re carrying a baby, as taking them off and putting them on can get unnecessarily complicated.

Nurse Your Baby during Takeoff and Landing

During takeoff and landing, it’s natural for your baby to experience pressure on his ears. Just how you’re able to pop your own years by swallowing, it can help your baby too. Give him something to chew or suck on, or nurse him if you can as that may help relieve some of that pressure.

Keep Your Baby Entertained

Babies can easily get bored, which is why you need to keep their favourite toys with you to keep them entertained. You also need to make sure they’re in a good mood or they’ll end up becoming a source of discomfort for other passengers, especially during long flights.
Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Ask a flight attendant to warm up a bottle or a bowl full of baby food.

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