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Things to Look for in a Good Babysitter

Things to Look for in a Good Babysitter

Is this your first time hiring a babysitter?
You may have a million questions on your mind, like what to look for in a babysitter and what kind of questions to ask during the interview. It can get overwhelming if you don’t know where to start and who to ask for assistance.
Don’t worry, because we’re here to help. We’ll inform you about all the dos and don’ts of babysitting so you can find the perfect person to take care of your children when you’re not home to keep an eye on them.
The number one thing you need to do before you can start asking around for referrals is to list down everything you need your babysitter to do for you and how much you’re willing to pay them. If you want a qualified babysitter, then you should know they’ll probably charge more because they’re in such high demand.
It may cost you more if you want them to do things that don’t really fall in their job description. After you’ve got the basics out of the way, you can start conducting interviews and get straight to business.

#1 Availability

You should find a babysitter who’s available when you need them the most. If you need them to come every day or a couple of days every week, then you have to look for a babysitter that doesn’t have a lot on their plate.
Make sure to ask them how frequently they can come in during the hiring process. They should fit right in with your schedule so you can avoid making last minute adjustments in your everyday plans.

#2 Experience

If your babysitter has a lot of experience taking care of babies, then you’ll know they’ll be prepared to handle anything unusual that comes their way. You want to avoid hiring inexperienced babysitters as they may feel helpless when your child starts throwing a tantrum.
It would be an added bonus if they have CPR and first aid certifications as they’ll know what to do in case anyone gets hurt and needs immediate medical attention.

#3 Dependability

It’s important to have a babysitter that can show your kids a good time but if they can’t even show up on time, then they’re not the right babysitter for you. You need someone who’s dependable and takes their responsibilities seriously.
The only way you can know if you can rely on your babysitter is within the first two weeks of hiring them. Even if your kids have taken quite a liking to them, you need someone who’ll understand their needs and will let you know at least a couple of hours in advance if they can’t make it that day.

It’s important to ask the right questions during the interview so you can avoid hiring the wrong babysitter for your children. Do a little digging of your own to see if they indulge in activities like smoking that are deal-breakers for you. Lay out all your expectations in the very beginning so that you’re able to save both your and the applicants’ time.

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