The Good Toddler: Instilling Good Study Habits In Your Baby

The Good Toddler: Instilling Good Study Habits In Your Baby

The Good Toddler: Instilling Good Study Habits In Your Baby

When your toddler begins to go to school, it’s time to face reality and help your baby prime themselves for success.

School isn’t an easy feat, but with the right tools and resources, toddlers can actually enjoy their assignments and the learning process. And what’s a better age to begin practicing than toddlerhood?

Here’s how parents can instil good study habits in their baby for a successful schooling term – and for years to come!

Encourage Organization

By keeping in touch with teachers, parents can be aware of what homework a toddler is assigned. Parents should also keep a timetable of their toddler’s school schedule to make life easier.

By being an organized parent, you can make sure your toddler covers Wednesday’s homework for Thursday, gets the crafts they need for Friday and also packs their coloured pencils for Math class. Of course, this is easier for older toddlers who can maintain a notebook with their assignments and homework.

Get Your Toddler Furniture That Encourages Study

When your toddler begins their school year, it’s a great time to bring in a small desk and chair for their designated study area.

You can deck out the table with some cute pencils, coloured pencils and also notebooks and art books to encourage your baby to get creative and practice their schoolwork.

Use Play Time Constructively

Studying doesn’t have to be boring, and to make your toddler see the fun in it, use playtime constructively!

For example, play number puzzles with your toddler, or practice the alphabet while your toddler goes up and down a slide. You can even bake some cookies with your toddler and cut out letters, shapes and numbers using a blunt knife.

Instil a Good Routine

A successful student relies on a routine which consists of ample sleep, healthy snacks and also time divided between study and play; for example, and hour after lunch, your toddler tackles their homework and then goes to play.

So make sure your toddler gets a good amount of sleep every night and help your baby plan their play and study time accordingly!

Encourage Extra Practice At Home

A cool way to make learning fun is to get your toddler fun books with practice pages, which they can colour in or write their answers in. Workbooks like these are always engaging and a great way to learn.

You can even play educational games with your baby, like spelling games or counting games – include objects from around the home for more animated fun!

Starting kids young with good study hygiene is essential. School gets tough as your toddler grows up, but good study habits always make it a breeze! So what are you waiting for? Help your toddler ace their class this semester with these cool tips!

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