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The Best Gifts for Your Child’s First Birthday

The Best Gifts for Your Child’s First Birthday

The first birthday is certainly a significant milestone for all parents and they must be busy obsessing over how to celebrate their baby’s 1st year. 

However, instead of using this occasion to throw a big party for your child that they won’t even remember, you should use the opportunity to give your child some personalised 1st birthday gifts which can actually stimulate their learning and assist in the development of important skills. 

Here are a few gift ideas to help you out. 

Push and Pull Toys

Push and pull toys are a great option for personalised gifts for boys and girls. Such toys have wheels and a string with which toddlers can easily pull and push them around. These are especially great for one-year-old toddlers who are just learning to balance or even walk. 

These push and pull toys can allow them to improve their movement skills, body coordination, and fine motor skills as they grab and push the toy. Moreover, if you choose a toy like this personalised push and pull elephant or Noah’s Ark, you can start teaching them about the animal kingdom too. 

Sorting Boxes

Sorting boxes are another popular choice for personalised wooden toys for toddlers. They come in all sorts of colours and shapes, which further appeals to children. 

Moreover, as they learn to sort the different shapes or colours into their respective slots, it strengthens their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Over time, as they learn to speak, they can memorize the names of the colours and shapes, thereby building vocabulary. So, check out this cute sorting box for your child’s first birthday.

Musical Instruments

If you want your child to develop a taste for music, musical instruments, or musical toys, like this wooden piano, are a must. Musical toys help build your child’s sensory skills. 

Moreover, these toys often have various buttons, switches, and dials, which further help with their fine motor skills. Best of all, the songs and tunes on these toys can often keep your child entertained for several hours, giving you a chance to sneak in a power nap or two. 


Puzzles are one of those toys that have no age restriction. You can play with them when you are just a one-year-old toddler and keep solving them till you turn sixty or seventy as well. 

However, they are especially beneficial for toddlers as they aid in the development of cognitive skills. Get this unique wooden xylophone puzzle that combines music and puzzles into one fun toy.

Final Thoughts

The first five years of a child are crucial for their development and can have an impact on their entire life. The skills and lessons they learn during this stage of life can affect their personality and subsequent phases of life. 

Therefore, while you celebrate your child’s first birthday, don’t forget to play with them and use toys like these to stimulate their learning. If you want to make it extra special, you can make them personalised wooden toys too. Find more cool toy for 1st birthday here!

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