The Best Christening Gift Idea

The Best Christening Gift Idea

The Best Christening Gift Idea

The Best Christening Gift


While attending a christening ceremony without any gifts is not frowned upon, it is encouraged to welcome the child to the religion with gifts. From traditional silver to on-trend toys, there are a lot of christening gift options you can choose from. However, the most cherished gifts are always personalized items because they come off as thoughtful and unique. Giving something shows that you put in extra thought to find the perfect gift. Traditional christening gifts include silverware like egg cups, silver spoons, tankards, mugs, napkins, rattles, rings and christening gowns. All these are great too because you can even personalize them by getting them engraved with the baby’s name, initials, a dare or even a special message. Pick something impressive that stands the test of time so it is unforgettable and they keep it with them for a long time. Some of the best christening gifts that will be cherished even when the baby grows up include:

Personalized money box:

personallised silver christening carousel money box

Personalization adds to the sentimental value. A personalized money box can have your own unique message on it. It will obviously take a few years for the baby to understand the message and truly appreciate the gift but the message will ensure the gift is worth keeping.

Personalized baby dressing gown:

Get something warm and cozy for the little one. A beautiful personalized baby dressing gown would be perfect! A personalized dressing gown is not only a good idea because the baby’s name would be on it but also because the toddler can utilize it during bath time and nap time.

Baby christening outfits are also a popular choice.

Christening Bracelet

You can choose from several types of bracelets: fixed, bangle and semi-bangle. To increase the value of the gift, personalize it with the baby’s name and the date of baptism.


One of the most common gifts for christenings and they come in various forms. You can get angel plaques with bracelets, biblical verses, cherub pendants and lapel pins. You can even buy stuffed angel toys.

Personalized Cutlery For Babies

Silverware is a classic christening present. Get personalized cutlery and bowls for a wonderful christening gift.

Baby Cup

Similar to cutlery, baby cups are also presented that are not only memorable but also have a practical use. Since you are getting it for a toddler, it is naturally going to get thrown around a lot to go with plastic shatterproof cups.

Baby Christening Outfits 

This gift is always popular. It would be best to discuss with the parents of the child so that the outfit matches with the christening motifs.


Lastly, before you decide your christening gift, remember that personalization adds so much to the sentimental value. The gift that will be cherished the most is always something that is a keepsake that commemorates special occasions like Christenings.


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