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The 4 Best Pets for Your Growing Toddler

The 4 Best Pets for Your Growing Toddler

Pet ownership is a wonderful way to inculcate compassion and empathy in your toddler. At such a young age, it can be hard for the child to register ideas about companionship, sacrifice, and co-existence. Therefore, bringing in a new pet can easily help them ease into these life principles at a very young age. 

Of course, when it comes to choosing a pet, you have to make sure that you pick one that is non-aggressive, friendly, and safe to be around. The vast number of options can often leave parents feeling overwhelmed.

While dogs and cats are the most common, many others can make great companions for your toddler. So, here are our top picks for the best pets for kids! 


 If you think your child is too small to physically handle a pet, you can give them a fish to take care of. There’s something quite intriguing and exciting about aquatic life; plus, they’re super-easy to look after. If your toddler has flea allergy, fish is a great option. 

They only need to be fed twice a day and don’t smell at all. Plus, the fish tank will remain clean and pristine with a monthly cleaning. Also, when the fish dies, it’ll be easier to replace.

Hamster or Guinea Pigs

If your house doesn’t have space for a fish tank, a hamster or a guinea pig is an excellent choice. Petting a soft, furry hamster will help your child learn more about physical textures. 

However, there are always chances that hamsters could bite, so make sure your toddler remains under your supervision. Nonetheless, hamsters are super-friendly animals that are often a child’s first pet. 


You might be wondering why dogs weren’t on top of the list. Your child might not be ready for a playful, big dog yet, which is why choosing smaller pets is a good option. However, if you can find a peaceful and friendly Labrador, beagle or any other dog breed that doesn’t mind being climbed on, then you’ve signed up for a lifelong friendship. 

Your toddler can hold the leash when you take the dog for a stroll, feed it, and play with it all day long. Not only will it sustain a beautiful companionship, but it will also teach your toddler how to look after others. 


Turtles may be unusual candidates for pets for children, but they’re super-fun. They remain quiet, calm, and require low upkeep. Keep them in a large tank in the living room with a filter and heat lamp. However, since turtles have extremely long life spans, both you and your toddler will have to look after the pet for a long time. 

So that’s it – some of the friendliest, low-maintenance pets for your little one. Make sure to set up a routine for feeding, bathing, and taking the pets out with your toddler to inculcate the spirit of responsibility! For more parenthood tips, check out DCARO UK! 

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