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Teaching Your Toddler Math - Turning a Nightmare Into Fun!

Teaching Your Toddler Math - Turning a Nightmare Into Fun!

Math is a super important skill to have. Although your toddler will learn math when they begin Montessori or preschool, a bit of former knowledge will not only aid them in their school endeavours but will also sharpen their mind right from the start.

So how can parents make Math into fun time for their babies? Here are some fun and creative ways to teach your toddler Math!

Begin With Counting

Counting is a super easy way to introduce your toddler to numbers. You can begin by repeating numbers from 1 through 10 until they’ve mastered the count and even use counting toys to encourage your toddler to take an interest.

Once your toddler is able to understand the concept of counting, it will be easier to bring on the addition and subtraction rules!

Use Props and Household Items

Another cool way to teach your toddler Math is by using everyday objects like the fruit in your fridge, pennies, books, grocery items and what not. In fact, this makes counting fun! Kids love to colour and creativity and this gives them the motivation to learn.

Instead of running the numbers, ask your toddler to play with household items and demonstrate numbers. You can even pair two different things in varying counts to make it more fun!

Play Outside

The world is a toddler’s playground! Whether you’re driving down the lane or taking a walk in the park, turn it into a math game! You guys can count the number of red cars that pass you or the number of dogs playing in the park.

You can even count the number of seashells you collect at the beach, too! They make great props to practice Math with later on.

Turn Food Into Math

Make food more fun by cutting your toddler’s sandwiches in the shape of numbers or baking cookies using number cookie cutters. In fact, encourage your toddler to cut numbers in the cookie dough using a blunt plastic knife as practice!

This is super fun and a great way to teach your toddler Math! Besides, you can even practice ½’s and ¼’s too by breaking cookies into sections.

Play With Number Puzzles

Number puzzles are a great way to engage your toddler in educational playtime and gauge their understanding of basic Math and number recognition. You can easily get some fun puzzle boards at your local book shop or toy store!

Number puzzles are always fun, and your toddler is bound to understand counting better with them. So ditch the movie plan, make some snacks and get playing!

With these cool tips, parents are bound to have tons of fun teaching their toddler Math. If you want more tips on parenting, check out 1st Birthday Gifts!

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