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Replace Your Toddler's iPad With These Cool Activities

Replace Your Toddler's iPad With These Cool Activities

Technology has changed life as we know it. Now, it’s easier to stay in touch with people, get better medical help, learn more, etc.

However, technology isn’t so great for developing children. Many studies have explored the hypothesis that screen time for kids under the age of 6 can trigger problems like hyperactivity and even autism. Unfortunately, too many kids nowadays play with gadgets and screens – whether it’s to watch videos or play games.

This still does not make up for the fact that young children should be glued to their screens. So what can parents do instead? What can you replace your toddler’s iPad with?

Play With Lego!

There are tons of puzzle games on tablets and phones that kids enjoy playing – but how about a real life puzzle to play with? Lego is a great way to get your toddler away from the screen. Besides, Lego is always fun to play with!

Visit a Ball Pit!

Take your toddler to a fun ball pit one afternoon! It’s a great way to get some exercise and have fun! Not to mention, falling into a pit of balls is so much more fun than spending time looking at a screen. Even parents can join their toddlers in ball pits in many playhouses!

Paint Together!

Painting on the iPad is fun and all, but have you ever tacked up a huge canvas on a wall, worn some aprons, and gone at it with your toddler? Super fun and a great way to unleash your toddler’s creativity, painting with real paint and materials is more fun than painting on an app!

Dive In a Pile of Leaves!

Luckily, fall is here! There must be piles of leaves around in their beautiful orange hues. So wrap your toddler up warmly and have some fun jumping in piles of leaves. Sometimes, the simple things are so much more fun!

Bring Out the Paddle Pool!

All kids love to swim and play with water toys, so bring out the paddle pool! On cooler days, you can set it up indoors with warm water and play some fun music while your toddler has fun splashing around!

Play Hide and Seek!

Mystery games on iPads and tablets are fun, but solving real mysteries is more fun! Spend an afternoon playing hide and seek with your toddler – it’s a great way to get them to exercise a bit and is definitely a better option than the screen.

Bake at Home Together!

Interactive cooking games on the tablets are fun and all, but what’s even better is grabbing some ingredients and baking something your toddler can actually enjoy! 

With these fun activities, who has time for the iPad? If you want more tips on parenting and more cutlery options for kids, check out 1st Birthday Gifts!

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