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Preschool Bullies: How to Help Your Toddler Deal With Bullies At School

Preschool Bullies: How to Help Your Toddler Deal With Bullies At School

Did you know that your toddler can encounter bullies at pre-school?

According to developmental scientists, the temperament of a child is determined in infancy, which is the time to note for aggression and anger. Many kids in their growing ages can become bullies. Sadly, there are many reasons why cute toddlers can turn into bullies; for example, the toddler may be lacking attention at home, is experiencing sibling rivalry, or has certain problems that translate into aggressive behaviour.

But what can you do when your toddler is being bullied at preschool?

Encourage Verbal Interaction

Educate your toddler about the benefits of verbal interaction. Bullies may use threatening words or scream, which can make other toddlers anxious, especially if it’s directed at them.

Encourage your toddler to keep it verbal in order to avoid a fist a fight. One of the best ways to disarm a bully is to use words.

Teach Your Toddler Respectful Self Assertion

You can empower your toddler to be brave and take a stand for their own self without using their fists. In fact, by teaching your toddler the right vocabulary, you’re on the right track. 

For example, the following words can help your toddler stand up for themselves:

"Hey, stop that."

"Hands off my body."

"You’re hurting me, stop that."

"I don't like being called that. I want you to call me by my name."

Encourage Your Toddler to Seek an Adult’s Help

Bullying can have devastating effects, and usually kids don’t speak out about it. Encourage your toddler to speak to their teacher or caretaker at school when faced with a bully.

Telling a teacher or a hall monitor is a smart decision to make, especially to avoid a bullying instance. No one likes to be shoved or pushed unnecessarily. 

Teach Your Toddler Bully Avoidance

In preschool, you won’t be able to accompany your toddler and see who they interact with, so it’s best to prepare them for it.

Teach your toddler to avoid bullies. You can do this by discussing their classmates with them and telling them what a bully looks like.

Don’t Hesitate To Intervene

As a parent, it’s your job to protect your child, so don’t hesitate to intervene. Your child doesn’t have to fight their battles alone, so make an appointment with the school and the bully’s parents to hold an intervention.

Bullying doesn’t have to be physical violence only. Hurtful words, a shove here and there and encroaching on someone’s turn at the ball or taking their lunch is also a form of bullying. Take note and intervene.

Unfortunately, bullying is a very common happening in schools all around the world, and one way to make your toddler resilient to the abuse is to empower them – and that begins at home.

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