Parent and Toddler Activities

Parent and Toddler Activities

Parent and Toddler Activities

Toddlers are super fun to play with! And especially because their language, cognitive, and motor skills are developing, performing activities together can be tons of fun.

So what activities are there for toddlers and parents to do together?

Texture, Texture!

Try out textures with your kid. Encourage sensory learning by laying out bowls of differently textured items like pasta, fruit, wood, pipe cleaners, beans, sandpaper, and more.

It gives your child the opportunity to learn more about their environment and also helps them identify objects using their motor skills. It’s an educational and fun activity for toddlers and parents.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are cool ways of seeing your kid’s problem solving and strategy skills. Lay out a pretty simple map and hints as to where the prizes may be hidden. For example, finding the next clue under a red fruit – this is a great way to test their knowledge, too.

Scavenger hunts are tons of fun and a great way to spend time with your toddler.

Take a Walk Together

Tie up your laces and head out for a walk with your little one! A stroll in the fresh air is always fun, and you’ll love how your toddler will react to their surroundings.

In fact, you and your toddler can play an identifying game together. For example, identifying the brown things you see or counting how many blue flowers are there.

Reading a Book

Reading is one of the most important habits a child must have. It helps to create new neural connections and helps to increase the intelligence quotient of the child.

Grab an interactive book and read with your kid. With so many options out there, you both won’t get bored. Grab a poppet book or those cool mini-projector ones.

Sing Together

Singing is always fun – whether you’re 5 or 50, singing to happy tunes is simply the best!

Try out a karaoke machine at home and play some toddler tunes for you and your toddler to try out. It’s tons of fun. Also, don’t forget to bust out those dance moves for some light exercise.

Parent-Toddler Yoga

If you’re into fitness, take on a mini yoga session! It’s a great activity for toddlers and parents, and besides, it’ll help your child develop an interest in fitness and well being.

And let’s not forget how yoga helps in achieving mindfulness. So lay out your yoga mats, take a deep breath, and encourage your toddler to stretch up to the ceiling.

Colour Together

An intimate and relaxing activity for toddlers and parents to do together; encourage your toddler towards the artsy world!

Grab a notebook and a set of colored pencils, and get going! It’s a great way to foster creativity and individuality in your toddler.

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