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Mistakes to Avoid When Parenting An Autistic Toddler

Mistakes to Avoid When Parenting An Autistic Toddler

Raising kids is no easy feat, and raising an autistic toddler isn’t any easier. As rewarding and beautiful as parenting is, parents can mistakes.

With autistic children, however, parents have less space to make mistakes. These children can get overwhelmed pretty easily and are usually dependent on just their parents for comfort and care – and this definitely doesn’t leave room for many mistakes!

So what mistakes can parents with autistic toddlers avoid?

Mistake #1: Being Aware, Not Accepting

Autism isn’t an easy condition to live with. Although it can be controlled and honed, it requires patience and acceptance.

Most parents choose to educate themselves but aren’t accepting or understanding of the child’s differences. Don’t be like that – it’s all trial and error, so accept each quick and eccentricity as it comes.

Mistake #2: Sticking To the Stereotypical Developmental Milestones

If your autistic toddler is a year old and still hasn’t said their first word, this is nothing to panic about or overwhelm your child with.

An autistic child develops at their own pace. There are no age appropriate milestones to keep track of, and all that matters is that your child is healthy, safe and inching towards their growth.

Mistake #3: Treating Everything like It’s Treatment

Sure, your toddler will learn to socialize by playing certain video games or interact with others by performing certain activities – but that doesn’t mean they’re therapeutic.

Not everything is therapy. Sometimes the toddler just wants to have fun and practice what they’ve learned – let them enjoy!

Mistake #4: Believing the Stereotypes of Autism

The media has sensationalized the Autism Spectrum. There are various stereotypes like autistic toddlers will be experts in one field, aren’t social, aren’t emphatic or don’t maintain eye contact.

Don’t buy into that. Each child is different despite the shared condition. Observe your child and grow with them as they develop their personality while the condition runs its course.

Mistake #5: Not Changing Parenting Styles

An autistic child requires special attention and care as compared to other children who don’t have the condition.

As your child grows, learn to adapt your parenting styles according to them. Grounding them or taking away privileges won’t be of any help to your autistic child – in fact, take advice from your child’s doctor.

Mistake #6: Doing It Alone

Parents are humans – which means there is room for errors. 

However, surround yourself with the support of loved ones and your child’s trusted physicians to form a support system from which you can seek advice when you’re unable to get through to your kid.

An important thing to consider when raising an autistic child is to be in touch with their doctors. Having professionals inform you about the disorder will help you parent your child easily. If you’re looking for more tips on parenting, check out 1st Birthday Gifts!

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