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Is The Allergy Season Upsetting Your Toddler? Here’s How to Be Prepared

Is The Allergy Season Upsetting Your Toddler? Here’s How to Be Prepared

Allergy season can be a real pain for toddlers and their parents! Now that winter’s gone and spring and summer are here, you’re probably frazzled about your toddler’s allergies.

It’s tough to take trips to the park or a nature trail without your toddler breaking into massive sneezes – but here’s a great way to keep your toddler comfortable during these trying seasons!

Be Punctual With Your Toddler’s Medication

Allergy season’s biggest ally is the prescription your kid’s pediatrician wrote down a few months ago! To avoid itchy eyes, red noses and sneezing, get your toddler the anti-allergy or anti-histamine medication they need.

It’s especially beneficial if you pack some of them in your toddler’s diaper bag or keep some with you in the car or on you at all times. However, remember to re-visit the pediatrician to get your toddler checked up; after all, medication is no joke.

Avoid the Outdoors

Until your toddler’s allergies haven’t settled down, avoid the outdoors. Oh, there’s nothing to be bummed about – there are tons of activities your toddler can do in the comfort of your allergen-free home!

For example, set out a table with these uber cute, customizable colored pencils and lay out some coloring books or paper for your toddler to get creative with! It’s a fun and constructive activity!

Alert Other Adults

If your toddler has playgroup appointments or has to attend school, alert the responsible adult about their allergies and required medication. 

By informing others, you’re ensuring that your toddler doesn’t succumb to their allergies even when you’re not supervising them.

Keep Your Home Clean

It’s essential that you keep your home clean, especially from irritants that could cause flare ups. Use non allergic cleaning equipment and detergents. 

Also, aim to keep windows closed to avoid dust and wind from getting in and remove indoor plants during allergy season.

Use Comfortable Fabric

During allergy season, don’t forget to change the fabric. Stick to comfortable fabrics like cotton and light and airy clothes.

You could even switch to cotton blankets and cute cotton towels, especially if you’re heading out to the beach or a park. Cotton material is recommended by experts, especially for toddlers who are sensitive to seasonal changes and have allergies.

Always Check the Weather Forecast

Get in the habit of checking the weather forecast to know how bad the allergens and pollen are in the air. According to research, on days that are dry, hot and windy, your toddler has a higher chance of flare ups.

By knowing how the weather is, you’ll be able to dress your child appropriately and plan activities accordingly. In fact, always keep items like sunglasses and aloe gel in your baby’s diaper bag to avoid eye and skin irritation.

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