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If Your Toddler's Being Raised Alongside A Pet, We've Got Some News!

If Your Toddler's Being Raised Alongside A Pet, We've Got Some News!

Many new parents go through a period of heartbreak, wondering whether they need to give away their beloved pet before bringing their new baby home. 

Concerns about animal fur, bacteria and other issues like safety seem like a major concern and with heavy hearts, the family’s first baby is bid adieu.

But not anymore – according to research, pets are great for your baby! So if your toddler’s being raised alongside a pet, we’ve got some news!

A Pet Can Teach Your Toddler Empathy

Being raised around a pet that is loved and taken care of is a great way for your toddler to learn empathy from the start. Being empathic is to be human, and what better way to learn it than through a furry friend?

Pets need comfort in stressful times and also need to be cared for when the weather changes or if they fall sick – a toddler is bound to pick up on empathy growing around one.

Growing With Pets Can Increase Cognitive Skills

When toddlers grow up with pets, the presence of an animal provides stimulus, which can enhance your toddler’s social skills, verbal skills and other cognitive skills like memory, learning and intelligence.

Pets are incapable of verbalizing, which means a toddler will try to figure out in their own way what a pet wants. This increases memory, awareness and cognitive ability.

Pets Are Therapeutic For Toddlers

No, we aren’t talking about emotional support animals – we’re talking about how pets are great for toddlers! Studies have shown that owning a pet leads to decreased blood pressure and lower stress and anxiety. Pets are great companions for Autistic toddlers.

Animals present a source of comfort, affection and positive feelings. Besides providing your toddler with fun and play, the mere presence of pets is soothing for toddlers.

Pets Help to Develop Emotional Intelligence In Toddlers

Children who grow up around pets are known to be more affectionate and happier. They also have a stable mood and fewer emotional problems.

Because a pet is treated like family and everyone shares the responsibility of caring for it, toddlers learn the importance of loving things that are different than them, which helps to develop healthy emotions in them.

Note: All interactions between a pet and a toddler must be monitored. In the beginning, you have to help guide your toddler using physical and verbal cues on how to handle your house pet. Kids can get overly excited and can scare the pet; begin introducing the toddler to your pet slowly and for short periods of time before they integrate together.

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