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How to Train Your Toddler to Sleep in a Toddler Bed

How to Train Your Toddler to Sleep in a Toddler Bed

You may not want to move your child from the crib to a toddler bed, but when your kid starts climbing out on their own, it’s time for you to start thinking about better sleeping arrangements for them.
Training your toddler to sleep in a toddler bed can be difficult, especially if they’ve become quite comfortable in the crib. Before making the transition, you need to communicate with your child what’s about to happen and why.
Tell your kids that they need to sleep in their own bedroom as they grow up. Try to keep a calm voice and make your expectations clear, so your kid can find it easier to cooperate with you.
Here are some tips on how to keep toddler in bed when transitioning from crib.

⦁ Make Sure the Timing's Right

If your kid is already going through major life changes, like you’ve just moved into a new house or you have another baby on the way, then it’s advisable to postpone the transition until the timing feels right.

When you notice your kid is itching to get out of the crib and starts climbing out of it around bedtime, it could be a sign for you to make the transition.

⦁ Practice Patience, But Stay Firm

The first day of getting them to sleep in a toddler bed will be extremely challenging. You can expect them to throw a fit or cry uncontrollably just to get you to give in to their wishes. Instead of changing your mind about it, you need to be patient but firm with them.
Explain to them that you’re not going anywhere and will be just around the corner if they need any help. Let them pick out the pillows, bedding and plushies so they can have a sense of connection to the room and feel a lot more comfortable sleeping alone.
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⦁ Acknowledge Their Fears, But Don’t Give into Them

Your toddler may follow you into your room right after you’ve tucked them into bed. Instead of expressing your anger, you need to calmly return them to their room. Sit with them for a while and reassure them of your presence.
If they’re scared of the dark, help them find solutions to overcome their fear. Tell them that there’s no reason to be afraid because you’re just down the hall from them. Once they get into the habit of sleeping alone, they’ll feel a lot safer being away from you and may no longer need you to sit with them every night before bed.

To make things easier for yourself, you can use a sticker chart and give them a sticker for every night they stay in bed. You can also reward them by reading them their favourite bedtime stories.

The first few days will be difficult, but once the routine sets in, you’ll realise that all it takes is a little bit of patience and persistence to get your kids to adjust to a healthy sleeping arrangement.

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