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How to Set Your Toddler’s Weekday Routine

How to Set Your Toddler’s Weekday Routine

When your little one begins Montessori or preschool, it’s time to set their weekday routine!

A weekday routine is a great way to expose your toddler to school life and the later years. A routine helps to keep things in order, and lets your little one have enough time for study, play and rest. Besides that, it helps to regulate your baby’s sleep cycle, which is essential for their academic success.

So how can you set your toddler’s weekday routine?

Set a Schedule For Sleeping And Waking

It’s important to set your toddler’s sleeping and waking schedule. You could put your toddler to bed at 8 pm every night and wake them up at, let’s say, 8 am again the next morning for school.

In this manner, you’re making sure they get ample amounts of rest to have energy for the next day!

Set Times for Studying

It’s essential to set a time for studying in order to complete the homework they’ve been assigned. Besides, it’s also good practice for the future.

By assigning certain hours in the afternoon to complete homework and tasks alike, you’re getting your toddler organized in the most productive manner.

Schedule Time For Play

All work and no play isn’t good for your baby. Playtime is important to help your toddler’s cognitions to develop and for them to learn social skills.

Include certain hours of play and activities. By allowing your toddler to have time for fun, you’re setting a healthy routine for your baby to follow during the weekdays.

Keep the Same Routine On the Weekends

According to behavioural experts, maintaining the same bedtime and waking up time on the weekends is a very healthy thing to do. Not only does it keep the body’s circadian rhythm healthy, but it’s also great for overall health.

Encourage your toddler to sleep early on the weekends and wake up early, too – it’s a great way to keep the momentum of their sleep schedule going.

Don’t Overbook and Over-Commit

Sure a birthday or get-together may crop up every now and then in the middle of the week, but prioritize your toddler’s daily schedule.

For example, if they’ve finished their home work, they can go to that play date, but make sure they are back home in time for bed because they have school the next day.

Be Patient

Setting your toddler’s weekday routine – or any routine – can be a bit of a hassle, but be patient.

It’s a learning process and as your toddler gets older and school workload increases, as does the need to socialize, you’ll be adapting to the new changes and incorporating them in your toddler’s daily routine.

So parents, before the new school term begins, begin practicing your toddler’s new routine a week before – it’ll help to get them organized and ready for what’s to come!

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