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How to Prepare Your Newborn’s Room

How to Prepare Your Newborn’s Room

The advent of setting up your baby’s room is quite exciting. Whether you’re going for a gender-specific theme or wish to keep it neutral, designing a baby’s nursery is nothing short of a delight.
Welcoming a little human into your life can be daunting. While nailing parenthood is not simple, dressing up your baby’s room will help you get started with it. Are you looking for genius ideas to dress up your newborn’s room?
We’ve got some really cool ideas that are both cute and creative for the little one. So, without further ado, here are some of the best newborn baby room decorating ideas!

⦁ Creative Wall Art

The baby’s room is like an empty canvas. You can fill it with every colour, shape, and pattern for your little one’s delight. Start with the walls. Visualize what colour palette you’d like to choose. Soft pastels and earthy colours like powder pink, light brown, and cream are good choices as they set a cool and poised tone for the room.
So, while you’re keeping the backdrop simple, get fancy with the wall art. You can put up personalized frames with the baby’s name and initials, and fill it with pictures later. If you want, you can also put up fairy lights around the pictures and light them up in the dark.

⦁ Accessorize the Table

Try to make the room symbolic instead of stuffing it with furniture and accessories. A table or two by the crib is enough. However, add cute accent pieces like a personalized Noah’s ark money box. A money box is also an ideal gift for newborns on baptism or a christening event.
This money box can be engraved with the baby’s date of birth and name, making for a heart-warmingly symbolic gift. You can fill it with the money or little treats the baby receives on all their birthdays and special events.
Other great table items you can check in our new collection of personalised money boxes. You will be able to find Dinosaur, farm or solar system, and personalise then with up to 2 lines.

⦁ Stuffed Toys

There can never be enough stuffed toys in a baby’s nursery. Put a few in the crib and arrange a handful of soft, furry toys around the room. A personalized bunny toy is cosy, warm, and adorable. It’s the perfect gift for the newborn to cuddle and nap with. Our bunny soft toy is also available in Pink colour for little princess.

⦁ Essentials

Instead of buying all the bare necessities for your baby separately, buy a complete cotton set. Including a hooded towel to wrap your baby after bath time, a cosy blanket to keep them warm, and an ABC moneybox, this set is extremely economical. You can keep the set in a wardrobe or hang it on a stand inside the baby’s room.

So that’s it – use these simple yet super-cute décor ideas to set up a warm and cosy room for the little one!

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