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How to Prepare Your Kid’s First Sleepover

How to Prepare Your Kid’s First Sleepover

When your kid is somewhere between the ages of six and nine, you can expect them to start requesting for a sleepover. You may think they’re not old enough to be having slumber parties, but you could be wrong.
If your kids can handle being around other kids their age, then maybe it’s time. Before you can think about hosting your child’s first sleepover, you need to get in touch with other parents and make sure they’re up for it.
Lay out the ground rules for sleepovers so all the kids know that they need to be on their best behaviour. Make sure you’ve got everything you need –healthy snacks, extra blankets and pillows, and any items you’ll need in an emergency.
Take a look the following three tips to make sure everything goes perfectly.

⦁ Don't Invite More Kids Than You Can Handle

Even though it’s your kid’s idea to host a sleepover at your home, you’re still the one in charge. Don’t let them invite everyone on their friends list because you don’t want the first slumber party to turn into a disaster right in front of your eyes.
Start with one or two guests and then slowly invite more people as you start feeling a lot more comfortable managing a group of kids. Arrange a play-date before hosting the sleepover if you can to get an idea about the kids you’ll be dealing with.
Make sure your kids get along with them easily so that everyone has a good time and no fights break out in the middle of the night.

⦁ Prepare a Schedule

Hosting first sleepover for little kids can be stressful because there’s no way to know what they’ll get up to and how much of a mess they’ll make. To feel more at ease, prepare a schedule and tell your kids they need to stick to it or there’ll be no more sleepovers.
It’s necessary to have a plan in place to make sure all the kids are occupied in fun activities until it’s time for bed. Set a time for snacks and meals and enforce it so that no one sleeps on an empty stomach. Prepare food that all the kids will enjoy and ask the parents about any allergies or stomach issues you need to be mindful of.

⦁ Keep All the Parents in the Know

Make sure all the parents know about everything from the activities you’ve arranged to the food you’ll be serving. Let them know about the drop-off time and the pickup time after sleepover as well.
If you don’t have enough supplies at home, then tell them what their kids need to bring. Share with them a list of necessary items like toothbrush and sleepwear so they can make sure their kids are fully prepared for the sleepover.
Ask them if there’s anything you need to be wary of so you can have everything at hand in case of an emergency.

Preparing your kid’s first sleepover can make you anxious because there’s a huge chance that things will get messy. But if you keep these three tips in mind, the kids will end up having a great time and you’ll make it safely through the night.

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