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How to Make Bath-time Fun for the Little One

How to Make Bath-time Fun for the Little One

If you’re new parents, your toddler’s bath-time can be the most dreaded part of your day. But with bubbles and water, you have to acknowledge that your little one’s bath-time has great potential of becoming a super-fun activity that you both love doing!
Remember that you have to be patient when dealing with children. Here are a few tips that will make your toddler’s bath-time a fun activity that both you and your toddler look forward to.

Make Your Toddler Comfortable

Most children dread their bath-time because it feels like an unnerving process. To make baths fun for your child, first ensure that your little one is comfortable. You can give them a heads-up or communicate with them before you pour water on their head or wash certain body parts.

Bring in Toys or Games

Bath-time can be changed into a super-exciting activity for your little one if you let them play with toys and games. There are many games and toy options to choose from. You can add a waterproof doll into the bath to give your toddler a new bath companion. Your little one can try washing the doll and that will help them develop good bathing habits. Adding little, squishy rubber ducks can be a good touch to keep your little one calm and engrossed. 

 Add Colour to the Bath

When normal baths get too boring, add a little colour to it! Don’t all children love colourful stuff? You can use safe food colouring to change the colour of the bath to blue, pink, green, or any other colour. Adding bath bombs or coloured bath tablets made specifically for kids can also be a fun touch! If your child loves the ocean, you can dye the water blue, add a few rubber fish/duck toys and play wave sounds over the speaker. Put on your thinking cap and get creative with your ideas!

Decorate the Bathtub

A simple, white tub might not be very appealing to a toddler. Be more attentive towards stuff your little one is interested in and decorate your bathtub to reflect their interests. You can adorn the tub with glow-in-the-dark stickers or paint it with different colours.

Use a Fun Washcloth

If your little one isn’t very fond of the water, you can use a washcloth to clean them up. However, no child is ever excited about being washed by a boring and simple washcloth. Add some spice to your child’s bath-time by getting them a cute and colourful themed washcloth. You can get a washcloth with 3D animals or cartoon characters that your child loves! You can even add some fun sounds for extra-effect.


If you’re tired of your toddler throwing a tantrum or groaning every time you take them for a bath, follow the tips mentioned above. Make sure that you see your toddler’s bath-time as a fun activity rather than a chore! For more parenthood tips, check out DCARO UK!

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