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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Better

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Better

When you have kids, dinnertime becomes your least favourite time of the day. Even if you take the longest time to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for them, it seems that your kids can find flaws in almost anything.
Instead of giving in to your kids’ wishes and making instant Mac and Cheese for the third time in a week, you need to figure out ways to encourage healthy eating habits in your kids.
Let’s take a look at some tips on how to get your kids to eat better.

⦁ Let Them Choose Between Healthy Snack Choices

If you want your kids to start eating healthy, incorporate healthy snacks into their diet. Try to keep the portion sizes small so your kids aren’t full before lunch or dinner. Instead of handing them a whole pack of crackers, you need to look for snacks that are healthier and packed full of flavour.

You should allow your kids to choose between the snacks to make them feel more involved. Here are some options you should consider:
⦁ Whole-grain crackers with a home-made cheese dip
⦁ Baby carrots with hummus
⦁ Apple slices with fresh nut butter
⦁ Lightly salted popcorn
⦁ Roasted chickpeas
⦁ Hard-boiled eggs

⦁ Dress up Fruit and Vegetables

You need to dress up fruit and vegetables if you want your kids to eat them without making a huge fuss. Serve them in unexpected ways to get them excited about trying them out. You can make yogurt popsicles at home, bake some zucchini or sweet potato fries, and even toss a generous amount of veggies in a delicious spaghetti sauce.

Your kids may be interested in eating anything that seems out of the ordinary. Boost the flavour of meals by sprinkling some cheese on top. You can also try making healthy banana and oatmeal pancakes or nutritious smoothies for breakfast. You’ll realise that all you need to do is get a little bit creative to make the most boring meals look visually appetizing.

⦁ Get Them Involved in Meal Planning

The last thing you should do is force your kids to eat something they don’t want to eat. Take their preferences into consideration before preparing each meal and try to sneak in some vegetables to make sure they’re getting the nutrients they need.

In addition to allowing them to choose their snacks for the day, get them involved in meal planning and preparation as well. They would want to try a new food if they’ve helped you pick and prepare it. When your kids feel like they’ve had a part to play in the kind of meals they get to eat, they’ll be a lot less picky.

You don’t need to spend more time in the kitchen just to get your kids to eat better. Follow these simple tips to develop healthy eating habits in your kids.
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