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How to Dress a Baby for Their First Birthday

How to Dress a Baby for Their First Birthday

It seems like it was only yesterday when you welcomed your baby into the world and now, all of a sudden, they are turning one – how time flies!

If you’re throwing a first birthday party, there must be a lot on your mind. From choosing the perfect theme to getting the menu right, there’s so much you need to do to make sure everything goes according to plan and everyone has a great time.

Deciding the perfect outfit for your kid can be time-consuming, especially when you’re sticking to a theme but don’t feel like compromising on your baby’s comfort. That’s why we’re here to help make things easier for you.
Here are some tips and outfit ideas you need to consider to make sure your baby looks their absolute best on their first birthday party.

⦁ Make Sure the Outfit Adds to the Theme

If you’re throwing a themed birthday party, you should make sure your baby’s outfit matches the theme.
If you’ve opted for a train theme, you can dress your baby in engineer overalls. Tie a red bandana around their head to complete the look. For a fairy theme for a baby girl, you can dress her up in glittery wings and a bright coloured tutu.
There’s also nothing wrong with taking the formal route. You can make your baby wear a formal waistcoat and pants and pair them with a contrasting shirt and oxford style shoes.


⦁ Decide on Two Outfits

Most mothers plan two outfits for their baby’s first birthday, one for the cake-smashing ceremony that’s known to be quite messy and one that’s reserved especially for a photo shoot with all the guests. It’s better to pick a less expensive outfit for the cake smash that you won’t mind seeing all messed up.

⦁ Play It Safe with a Disney-Inspired Costume

Kids adore Disney characters and Mickey Mouse is their all-time favourite cartoon series. If you can’t pick out an outfit for your kid’s first birthday, one way to play it safe would be to go with a Disney-inspired costume.
If you’re dressing your baby up as Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse, you shouldn’t forget the matching hair band as that would really pull the whole look together.

⦁ Switch Things up with a Funky Outfit

Your baby boy doesn’t have to wear a costume or a formal suit on his birthday. If you’re keeping it light-hearted and fun, then you can go for a funky look by dressing your baby in just a tie and matching underwear.
You can also go with a multi-coloured or printed outfit if it matches the theme of the birthday party. This look can also be reserved for the cake smash if you don’t want your baby’s actual birthday outfit to get ruined.

When you’re planning your baby’s first birthday, you want to make sure it’s memorable, but it’s important not to get caught up in the details. Birthday parties are supposed to be fun and messy. If you’re having a good time, taking lots of pictures, and keeping your guests engaged, then everything is just how it should be.

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