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How to Choose the Right Baby Blanket

How to Choose the Right Baby Blanket

Your newborn is going to spend a lot of time sleeping during the first few months. Babies always need a good nap; otherwise, they get cranky and irritated. Therefore, the best investment you can make for these tender months is a warm blanket.
Newborns love to be swaddled as it mimics a mother’s womb. Huddled up in a blanket makes them feel cosy and secure. Picking the right baby blanket is extremely important for their comfort and security. So, without further ado, here’s a list of some things you should look for when buying a baby blanket.

⦁ Choosing the Right Material

A newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive. The right blanket material should ideally read “hypo-allergenic” as that reduces the chances of any allergic reactions. It also needs to be breathable as a non-breathable cover can make your baby hot and uncomfortable. Babies tend to over-heat easily so always look for ultra-breathable covers.
Cotton and polyester are definitely the best materials for your baby’s blanket. Try to avoid synthetic materials as they contain potential irritants that may cause rashes on your baby’s skin. Satin or synthetic materials may even result in blemishes on newborn skin.
This Personalised Blue Jacquard Fleece Baby Blanket made from 100% polyester is super-soft and lightly sits on the skin. It is breathable and will keep your baby snug in the summer nights. Above all, its impressive breathability ensures that your baby enjoys a cool naptime. This blanket is also available in Grey, Baby Pink and white.
Choosing a season-appropriate blanket is also important. For the winters, look for a thick cover with extra layers. This grey blanket has soft, fleece underneath it to keep the little one comfortable and looking forward to bedtime. Also available in a lot of different colours.

⦁ The Right Size

The blanket’s size is just as crucial as the material. A large blanket can overwhelm the baby. The ideal dimensions are 60 cm by 90 cm. A medium-sized blanket can be used for bedding or a floor mat, making it a versatile option.

⦁ Prioritizing Safety

Avoid heavy blankets or quilts as they run the risk of crib death. Even during winters, try to keep the baby cool with breathable layers of blankets. Don’t be coaxed into buying blankets with ribbons or overhanging strips.
Long pieces of cloth like fringes or tassels can pose a choking hazard to the little one. Look for machine-washable blankets to avoid the build-up of bacteria or dust. This blue bubble fleece cover is one of the best baby blankets for winters. It’s long, super-soft, breathable, and will keep the little one warm through the night. Available also in Baby Pink, White and Grey.

Try to look for high-quality blankets that will stay with the newborn in the long-term. Babies can quickly get attached to their sleeping blankets. So, give them one that’s safe, breathable, and can be used for both summers and winters.

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