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How New Parents Can Find Some Downtime In Their Crazy Routine

How New Parents Can Find Some Downtime In Their Crazy Routine

Becoming parents is a rewarding experience – there’s none like it and nothing compares to the sweet angelic face of your toddler.

Caring for a baby is hard work. From feeding times to changing, parents begin to revolve their lives around their baby – after all, isn’t that parenthood in a nutshell?

Anyway. This article is all about you – the parents! It’s important to know that besides being a mother or father, you’re also your own person and have needs.

So how can new parents find some downtime during their crazy routine?

Taking Over For Your Partner

Let your partner have some downtime by taking over the baby duties for a few hours while your partner does something for themselves. 

Whether it’s catching up on a book or going to that much needed outing with friends, help each other out by taking over baby duties every now and then.

Asking Grandparents to Step In

If you want some solo time or want to catch up with your partner, or even have a date night with your partner, ask the grandparents to babysit your little one.

Grandparents always need an excuse to hang out with their precious grand-baby, so plan that date night you both have been putting off and don’t worry about babysitting!

When Your Baby Sleeps

Most new parents will agree that when a baby sleeps, it’s definitely a rewarding moment – but by then, parents are too exhausted, too!

So while your baby sleeps, catch up on your sleep or get in some quick cardio or yoga, if you’re into that. Taking advantage of these solo moments are great for you and your partner.

Setting a Stringent Routine For Your Baby

Another way parents can find downtime during their crazy routine is by creating a pretty stringent one when it comes to their baby. For feeding, napping and even bed time, follow a set timetable to maximize time for yourself.

By doing so, you’ll be able to catch up on your sleep and remain in a minimally exhaustive mental state – after all, caring for a baby is not an easy task at all (Kudos to you, parents!).

Keeping Your Baby Engaged In a Secure Play Pen

If you have some much needed catching up to do over the phone or at home, you can leave your baby in a play pen, which is situated right in front of you until you’re done with your chores.

Of course, you’ll be watching your toddler the whole time, but at the same time, you’ll be able to multi-task because your baby will be in a safe and fortified play pen.

Many parents feel guilty when they think of wanting some me-time after having a baby. However, before you are a parent, you are your own person – and prioritizing yourself has positive spillover effects in other roles you’re playing.

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