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Here’s Why Art Is Great For Your Toddler!

Here’s Why Art Is Great For Your Toddler!

Math and English are great and all, but did you know art has some amazing developmental benefits for your toddler?

Not only does your baby learn how to use paint and pastels, but according to research, art and other creative activities develop your toddler’s personality and brain in ways that are otherwise not possible!

Amazing, right? Here’s what art can do for your kiddo!

It Instils Mindfulness in Your Toddler

Mindfulness has become a major fad with the adults nowadays, but did you know that the habit of staying in the moment can happen at any age?

When your toddler is painting or colouring, they’re concentrating on their task at hand and being vigilant about what colours to pick next and so on. This helps to foster mindfulness, which has other brilliant spillover effects, like a more robust memory, a happier personality and more stable emotions. 

It Helps Foster Creativity in Your Toddler

Art and art supplies allow your toddler to be flexible when it comes to the output. Your toddler also has the freedom to interpret how they want certain things to look like and paint them as they wish.

Creativity is a great way to boost problem solving and thinking out of the box. It’s a great way to engage your toddler’s mind and also inculcate constructive ways of tackling new things.

It Encourages Innovation in Your Toddler

Art also enables your little one to be an innovator. By taking things into their own hands and producing items which they’ve created, they display the talent and drive to do things differently.

This is especially important because when kids are allowed to innovate and improvise, they turn out to be more creative and intelligent, which are the key characteristics of a successful and academically sound toddler.

It Encourages Self Expression 

Self-expression is an extremely important part of a toddler’s development. Not only does it help to further develop the toddler’s personality, but it also helps to develop confidence and a sense of self in your toddler.

Planning a little arts and crafts session with your toddler once a week is a great way to channel your little one’s personality and unique traits.

It is Cathartic for Toddlers

Well – not just for toddlers. Turns out, art is one of the most cathartic activities ever. It is great for kids who are young and still trying to articulate language and even toddlers who are victims of trauma. Art promotes catharsis and healing.

Think of it as journaling or expending mental energy in a creative way to improve mood and feel better. In other words, art definitely has therapeutic value for toddlers!

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