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Helping Your Toddler Develop Confidence

Helping Your Toddler Develop Confidence

As parents, it’s one of your most important jobs to instil confidence in your child. A confident toddler grows into a highly self-aware and self-assured adult and before that, the toddler exhibits behaviour which allows them to learn and grow.

There are tons of ways for parents to instil confidence in their toddlers. At 1st Birthday Gifts, we’re all about empowered kids – here are some of our favourite ways parents can develop confidence in their kid.

Encourage Self Expression

When toddlers notice new things and experience new scenarios, they develop their own views on them. Whether it’s clothes or language they’ve picked up from a friend, a TV show or even you, let them express it in their own way.

Allow your toddler to express themselves without the fear of criticism. Ask them questions about their choices and show an interest in their uniqueness.

Avoid Making Comparisons

Whether it’s with siblings, cousins or even friends, avoid comparing your toddler to them. Even if it’s for their own benefit, avoid making comparisons – it’s one of the quickest ways to create self-doubt in your toddler.

Instead, celebrate your toddler’s own take on life and the habits they have formed. Sure, you can help them do better, but making comparisons is not the way to go.

Let Your Toddler Make Mistakes

It’s going to hurt you, but it’s also a great way to foster self-confidence and self-reliance in your toddler. A great advantage of letting your toddler make mistakes is that they’ll learn from it, meaning they won’t be repeating it again.

By constantly coddling your toddler, you’re limiting their ability to be their own judge and rely on their own skills to help them out of a jam – so let your little one mess up time and again, it’s good for them.

Include Your Toddler in Minor Decisions Around the Home

A great way to hone confidence in your little one is to include them in small decisions around the house. For example, asking your toddler what the dinner menu is or what dessert to go out for. Even asking your toddler what new plants they’d like to see in the garden works.

By turning your toddler’s input into physical manifestations, you’re allowing them to become more confident about their choices and become more self-confident in voicing them too.

Use Positive Language

“It’s okay, buddy. You can try next time!”
“It’s alright – you can do better next time because you’re hardworking.”

Using positive language around toddlers is extremely important. Not only does it assure them of their self-worth and esteem, but it also helps to build a stronger sense of self and confidence.

For example, if your toddler is unable to get a good score on a quiz or loses a sports match, use positive language to remind them of their strengths and that it’s okay to lose sometimes. 

If you’re looking for more tips on parenting and a toddler’s shopping paradise, check out 1st Birthday Gifts blog!

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