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Helping Your Autistic Toddler Thrive In School

Helping Your Autistic Toddler Thrive In School

If it’s time for your little toddler with autism to begin school, you’re probably as nervous as they are. School can become a bit daunting for toddlers with autism. The rush of kids, activity and so many other factors can present triggers or a sense of discomfort.

But you can’t avoid school, can you? So how can you help your autistic toddler thrive in school? 

Take a School Tour

Surprises and autistic children don’t do well together. Before the school opens, request the authorities if you and your child can take a tour of the campus.

Being familiar with the property, teachers and other things is a great way to ease your toddler into the place where they will be spending a good chunk of their day.

Discuss School At Home

Talk to your toddler at home about school. Answer their questions and establish that it’s a safe and fun place for them to be.

By engaging them in a conversation about school, you’re helping them adapt to the new change. Maybe even get them some cool stationery to make it more exciting!

Play School At Home

To help your toddler with autism adapt to school, play school at home. You could set a few hours every morning for “school time”, practice working in notebooks and taking instructions.

It’s a great way to help your child familiarize themselves with the new environment they will be entering.

Plan Play Dates Before School Opens

If you’re familiar with other kids that go to your toddler’s school, it’s a great idea to plan a play dates before school opens so your child has familiar faces to look at.

An autistic toddler can get very overwhelmed in the absence of their primary caretaker, so having a friendly face in the crowd should be of some help.

Speak to Your Toddler’s Teachers

It’s always a good idea to involve your toddler’s teachers. Informing them beforehand about their condition, triggers and other special requirements is a great way to ensure that your toddler will be safe and happy at school.

Even informing the school nurse about medications (if your child takes any) is a way to ensure that they’re going to do well in school.

Be Involved

Be involved in your child’s schooling. Whether it’s PTAs, bake sales and other activities, to ensure your child is comfortable and safe, be involved in the school.

You should also ask your toddler questions and gauge how they’re doing at school and if they’re feeling okay – always prioritize your toddler’s condition.

An important thing to consider when raising an autistic child is to be in touch with their doctors. Having professionals inform you about the disorder will help you parent your child easily. If you’re looking for more tips on parenting, check out 1st Birthday Gifts!

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