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Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Little One Will Love

Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Little One Will Love

Kids can be quite whiny about food. As picky eaters, it can be tough to get them to eat their greens, proteins, and healthy carbs. Although this can be frustrating for parents, it’s important to know that this is a fundamental part of child development.

Don’t feel defeated if your little one isn’t eating enough or worse, bringing home an unopened lunch box that you might’ve spent hours preparing. It doesn’t mean you’re not parenting in the right way or that your child is exceptionally fussy.

What it should steer you towards is a different, more tolerant approach to get your kids to eat better. Something as simple as adding a saucy ingredient or adding more colour to their lunches can definitely persuade them to open their boxes during recess.

We’re here to crack the code for you. You’re certainly going to find success with these healthy lunch ideas for your kids. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into them!

  1. Colourful Pinwheels of Turkey and Cheese

Pinwheel sandwiches are small, light, and easy to munch on. They’re also a great way to add a bit of natural colour to the lunch box. Prepare a bento box with bite-sized two-layered cheese and turkey sandwiches and make sure to slip some carrots, spring onions, and spinach in between.

Throw a handful of dark, juicy blueberries on the side and popcorn as snacks. And, there you have it, a wonderful, vibrant lunch box that your child will definitely won’t miss out on.

  1. Sweet and Tangy Taco Salad

Here’s a healthy version for store-bought nachos. Buy some lightly salted tacos and season them with a little garlic powder. On the side, prepare a sweet and tangy salsa from fresh tomatoes, mild spices, and honey.

To keep up the Mexican spirits, boil some sweet corn on the side and melt a tablespoon of butter into them. You can add extra vegetables like crisp celery or cucumber to go with the salad. Prepare the lunch in a bento-style box.

And, there you have it. You can even turn the lunch idea into a Mexican theme and slip in a funny, sticky-note!

  1. Strawberry and Cream Cheese Sandwiches

Always choose fruits and vegetables that are seasonal and fresh. Adding sweet red strawberries to your kid’s lunch box is a great way to include anti-oxidants and vitamin C. For this lunch box idea, slice up fresh strawberries and sweeten them with a bit of maple syrup.

Spread a generous dollop of cream cheese on two whole-wheat bread slices. Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon and spread the strawberries. Add a boiled egg and a few orange slices or kiwis on the side for a lunchbox treat your child won’t ever refuse.

Make your child’s schooling experience fun, memorable, and healthy with these delightful lunch ideas. For more parenthood tips and lunch ideas, check out DCARO UK!



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