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Fun Activities That Boost Memory And Intelligence In Toddlers

Fun Activities That Boost Memory And Intelligence In Toddlers

A toddler’s mind is a very enigmatic one. While some cognitions like intelligence and mood regulation develop early, speech and empathy may take time. Either way, parents can help their little ones get a quick start by employing certain activities that can aid in brain development.

Sure, your toddler’s Montessori or preschool works on developing their intelligence and memory, but you, as parents, can also help boost your toddler’s intelligence and memory skills. So what are some fun activities that can help you do that?

Solve Puzzles Together

Solving puzzles hones your toddler’s intelligence when it comes to problem solving. A toddler that’s good at puzzles will exhibit quick and creative ways of getting out of a problem.

You can solve easy puzzles together and then move on to more complex sets as your little one gets better – and begins to enjoy them more!

Draw a Matching Object For Your Toddler to Copy

This fun activity gives parents the chance to have fun with their toddlers. By making a drawing and asking your toddler to copy it, you’re able to exercise their memory and how good they are at replicating behaviour.

Not only does this exercise sharpen your toddler’s skill at learning new things, but it also enhances their ability to work with different mediums like pens, paper, pencils and markers, etc.

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Share Riddles With Your Toddler

Sharing or teaching easy riddles to your toddler is a great way of sharpening their intelligence. You can even share the answer and the logic with your little one.

Riddles are a great way to sharpen your toddler’s skills, especially when they’re able to grasp the language and use it for self-expression. So try riddles with your little one every now and then.

Make Your Toddler Match Pairs

Kind of like the games you have on your smartphone or tablet, this game involves showing your toddler the board with all the pairs and then covering all but one. Your toddler will then proceed to find the matching pair.

This is a great exercise for memory, intelligence and learning. It’s a great way to boost problem solving in your kid and make playtime more dynamic!

However, don’t forget one key thing while performing these activities with your toddler: Be patient! Every child develops at their own pace and some have a genetic advantage over the rest. The idea is to have fun while helping your little one develop and grow into their best version!

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