Fostering The Spirit Of Gift Giving In Your Toddler

Fostering The Spirit Of Gift Giving In Your Toddler

Fostering The Spirit Of Gift Giving In Your Toddler

Fostering gift giving in toddlers is a way to encourage generosity. The idea of gift giving stems from the expression of celebration and appreciation, and it’s a great way to deepen friendships and bonds alike.

Teaching toddlers about generosity and gift giving is to hone their compassionate side and encourage the growth of a child who grows up to be kind and creative. In other words, teaching your toddler about gift giving is to encourage positive social skills.

So how can parents help foster the spirit of gift giving in their toddler?

Teach By Example

Toddlers are extremely observant and learn from their parents. Christmas is close-by and you definitely need to get some shopping done for gifts, so it’s a great idea to take your young one along with you on these trips.

When you pick out gifts for dad, mom or grandma, vocalize your choice and how the present reminds you of the person it’s intended for. Encourage your toddler’s opinion on the matter and involve them in gift giving.

Teach Toddlers That Price tags Don’t Matter

Something as simple as a batch of homemade cookies or cupcakes is a sweet gesture as well. Even a nice card, a small candle or a souvenir of your travels is a way to show someone you remember them and care about them.

Ask your toddler to help you bake a batch of scones for grandma as a gift or help them make a card with some paints and crafts for their friend’s birthday. Teaching toddlers about the thought that counts is important.

Involve Your Toddler In the Gift Giving

When special occasions roll around like holidays, birthdays or even graduations and baby showers, involve your toddler in the act of giving the gift to demonstrate how a present makes another individual feel.

By vocalizing to the receiver that the present is from you and your kiddo, you’re encouraging your toddler to become a giver and observe the essence of gift giving.

Encourage Your Toddler to Celebrate With Others

The gift of company is a beautiful one on its own. Whenever there is a celebration in the family, be present and guide your little one through the motions.

Encourage a dialog before the event about how important it is to join others in their happiness and how even showing up is an act of giving. 

Involve Your Toddler In Charity 

There are many other ways parents can foster generosity and gift giving in their toddlers. When you’re cleaning out the attic to pack up clothes for donation, involve your kiddo in the process and ask them to wrap old toys they don’t need.

This encourages compassion and gratitude from an early age, and as adults, this manifests itself into contentment and a giving spirit.

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