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Diaper Bag Essentials – Being Prepared For Summer With Your Baby

Diaper Bag Essentials – Being Prepared For Summer With Your Baby

Travelling with your baby can be pretty fun, especially if you’re well prepared! The best way to keep up with your baby is to always remain one step ahead – in other words, make sure the diaper bag is packed and ready at all times.

If you’re a new mom or just a curious one looking to see what you should carry around, here’s a great list that’s got you covered for any mishaps!

  1. Diapers – It’s not a diaper bag if there are no diapers! Besides, having extra diapers doesn’t hurt, especially because babies aren’t really potty trained now, are they?
  2. Wipes – You’re definitely going to need wipes for you and your baby. Pick alcohol and fragrance free ones. You don’t want to risk the chance of your baby getting an allergic reaction!
  3. Nappy Cream – Definitely do not leave this out! Not only will your baby need this after his diaper change, but did you know that nappy cream is great to treat superficial cuts and skin rashes?
  4. Changing Pad – Imagine you’re on a picnic and you have to change your baby’s clothes; will you really lay him on a stained picnic blanket or the grass? Of course not! Always carry a lightweight changing pad to lay your baby on.
  5. Sunscreen – Summer isn’t summer without sunscreen and because babies have super sensitive skin, they need more protection. Keep a tube of skin-friendly sunscreen for your baby at all times; you never know when it might come in handy!
  6. A Towel – Always keep a small towel and soap just in case your baby needs to freshen up. Besides, towels are also soft enough to double as a pillow!
  7. Extra Clothes – Accidents happen. Whether it’s some thrown milk or a diaper accident, it’s a good idea to be prepared and keep a comfortable bodysuit or two in your diaper bag.
  8. Comfy Blanket – You never know when your baby needs to be swaddled or needs a nap. And the best part about carrying a blanket is that it can also double up as a playing mat because it’s so soft and comfy!
  9. Toys – Never leave home without your baby’s favourite toy! A bored baby can be a cranky one, so keep your baby entertained by bringing their favourite plaything along. Check out this cute, customizable bunny.
  10. A Mini First Aid Kit – Keep a small kit of baby allergy medicines, some antiseptic wipes and even medicines for an upset stomach. Don’t forget to pack some cute band-aids, too. It’s always good to be prepared for medical emergencies.

Whether it’s a day trip to the mall or a picnic at an island, you should always be prepared to have a good time! For more baby advice and products, head onto 1st birthday gifts!

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