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Developmental Milestones All Parents Must Celebrate

Developmental Milestones All Parents Must Celebrate

When you’re a parent, everything your baby does is a big deal. With each day bringing new shenanigans and exciting discoveries, there are so many milestones parents and toddlers should celebrate together.

Whether this is your first baby or baby number three, no milestone is too small. So what developmental milestones can parents celebrate with their toddlers?

The Head Control

This is definitely something to celebrate! In the first weeks of birth, infants have limited neck and head support, which means you’re carrying your infant in the crook of your arm at all times and have to be super careful.

However, when your baby hits their 6th or 7th week of birth, they gain better control of their head. They can even turn left and right and have a sturdier neck, which means Grandma can hold them while you finish your dinner!

The Intentional Smiles or Laughs

Babies are pretty funny when it comes to expressing emotions. They smile at whim and even let out a cackle when they want to. However, when your baby begins to smile intentionally at you or laughs intentionally with their sibling, that’s cause for celebration!

This means your baby is beginning to master their reflexes and understand how to respond. In other words, it’s a big thing in neonate development, so cheers to that!

Responding to Their Name

When a baby responds to their name, it’s definitely a milestone to celebrate! This understanding of self identity and responding to it is a great sign and definitely a much awaited moment for many parents.

Besides, when a baby recognizes their name, turns towards the caller and smiles, it is truly a precious moment. 

The First Word

You’ve definitely been vocalizing and repeating several words for your baby to replicate – until one day, they finally do! Around 9-14 months of age, babies speak their first word and usually, it’s how they address their primary caretaker, i.e., their mother.

So when your baby calls out to you, it’s definitely a day of celebration – they finally said their first word! It’s also a sign that your baby’s cognitions are developing, so kudos to progress!


When babies begin to crawl, it’s a great sign of physical health and understanding their needs! Whether your baby slithers, shuffles or rolls on their stomach, it’s truly a grand day when they begin to be mobile!

Don’t forget to baby proof your home as a way of celebration; babies are super curious beings and need to be watched at all times!


Post crawling, your baby will also show curiosity when it comes to walking up right. They’re going to want you to hold them upright while they bounce up and down, enjoy their walker rides and what not.

But the day your baby stands on their own using support and manoeuvres themselves in a direction, that’s the day of celebration – your baby is just a few steps closer to walking!

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