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Creative Ways to Teach Your Toddler the Alphabet

Creative Ways to Teach Your Toddler the Alphabet

Teaching toddlers is tons of fun. They stumble over the words, create their own variations of it and all in all, it’s a pretty entertaining and rewarding experience.

When your toddler begins to speak and shows an interest in communication, it’s time to teach them the alphabet. If you’re wondering how, we’ve got some cool tips to help new parents make learning fun and easy for themselves and their babies.

Read With Your Toddler

A great way to get your toddler to learn a language is by reading with them. However, begin slow. Pick out colorful pictorial books that have the alphabet and make it a habit to spend some time daily on it.

This will encourage your toddler to sound out the alphabets and they’ll have fun, too. Pick out books that have texture and vivid colors – those are always attractive!

Draw With Your Toddler

One of the best ways to encourage your toddler to learn the alphabet is to take pen to paper. Pick out some cute color pencils and a notebook and draw the alphabets.

You can even have your little one trace your written letters to practice holding stationery and also familiarize themselves with the letters.

Watch Creative Videos

YouTube is full of cool videos you and your toddler can watch together. You can search for creative and engaging ones that teach the alphabet!

Educational videos are great resources to learn from. You can put them on at any time to entertain your baby, especially those that use songs to teach them language.

Get Handsy!

If your toddler loves playing arts and crafts, a great way for them to learn the alphabet is by using play dough and other clays to mould shapes together.

Not only does this make for a fun activity, but your toddler will also have fun trying to put letters into shape. This hands-on-learning is a great way to increase their interest in learning.

Play With Alphabet Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to learn and reinforce the learning material. You and your toddler can play with removable puzzles and put the right pieces in place.

This will condition your toddler to perceive the letters in their actual characteristics and will also test how well they understand the alphabet.

Print Some Traceables

You can even print some cute traceable letters that your toddler can color in using art materials. This exercise is also a great way to teach them associations – for example, A is for apple and D is for Dinosaur.

And the best part is that these are great exercises for playtime – your toddler can learn and have fun at the same time.

With these cool tips, you and your toddler are bound to have tons of fun learning the alphabet. If you want more tips on parenting, check out 1st Birthday gifts!

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