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Cool Tips For Your Toddler’s First Airplane Ride

Cool Tips For Your Toddler’s First Airplane Ride

Are you nervous about your toddler’s first plane ride?
Are you worried your toddler won’t enjoy it?
As parents, it’s natural to worry about air travel, especially if you have a toddler with you. However, don’t worry, with these cool tips for your toddler’s first airplane ride, you’re going to be at ease and prepared to make this plane ride the comfiest trip for your kiddo!

Choose a Direct Flight or a Long Layover

Parents who have toddlers will definitely agree with this travelling mantra! When you have toddlers, it’s best to book a direct flight so that your toddler can hopefully nap during the air plane ride and be fresh at the destination.
Another great option is to book a flight with a long layover so that parents have time to stretch their legs and relax their frazzled nerves and toddlers can get some change of clothes, eat some food and also take a nap before getting on their next flight.

Get a Separate Seat For Your Toddler

Most parents think this is a waste of money, but for flights that are long, it’s a good idea to get your toddler a seat of their own. It’s pretty uncomfortable to move from one parent’s lap to the other’s.
The advantages of your toddler having their own seat are plenty; they get to sit comfortably and even nap; they get to have their own space and you get to rest your legs and fly comfortably, too.

Don’t Forget to Visit the Restroom

Make it a point to visit the restroom before the flight and even during the layovers. Airplane toilets are cramped and uncomfortable and if your toddler is fussy, it’s not going to be a treat!
If your toddler is wearing diapers, make sure to change them into a new and clean one so that they’re comfortable during the journey and don’t need a sudden change mid air!

Bring Your Toddler’s Necessities

All parents who travel with kids know how important it is to pack a bag of necessities for their toddlers for the flight. Don’t forget to pack your toddler’s favourite toys and books and keep a pair of headphones in case they want to watch cartoons.
It’s also essential to keep some medicine for an upset tummy, lest air travel makes your baby feel queasy and uncomfortable.

And Most Important – Don’t Stress!

This is for you, parents – don’t stress! Travelling with a toddler is actually quite fun and an experience! You’re going to land at your destination soon enough!
Just make sure you have the bag of essentials and have checked in the baby’s stroller at the gate for easy retrieval.
Are you ready for your toddler’s first airplane ride? Have fun!
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