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Cool Classes to Enrol Your Toddler In

Cool Classes to Enrol Your Toddler In

At 1st Birthday Gifts, we believe that kids grow and learn when they are exposed to different activities and learning experiences! If you’re looking for some cool classes to enrol your toddler in, you’re in luck!

Besides gaining skills that help to boost your toddler’s creativity, physical health and communication skills, enrolling your kids in extra classes is a great way to help them see where their strengths and interests lie.

So what are some fun and uber-cool classes you can enrol your toddler into?

Pottery Classes

Calming, fun and very creative, pottery classes give your toddler the opportunity to get down and dirty with wet clay and express their creativity by moulding them into cool shapes, which they can paint!

It’s a great way to hone your child’s creativity and love for art – besides, those cute little pots and shapes make adorable keepsakes of your baby’s toddler days!

Tae Kwando

Known as one of the best classes to enrol your toddler in, tae Kwando is a brilliant activity for kids of all ages. Not only does it strengthen your little one’s body, sharpen their cognitions, and enhance their social skills, but it’s also a great way to instil confidence in them.

Super fun and healthy, Tae Kwando classes have been a favourite amongst parents who have little ones with pent up energy!

Cooking Classes

Enrol your little chef into a cooking class for kids! Not only will your toddler learn the important life skill of cooking and preparing simple meals, but they’ll have tons of fun, too!

Besides, cooking classes are a forte of creativity and learning; your toddler will also gain valuable knowledge about nutrients and the food we eat!

Art Classes

They say artists are born, not created – so if you’ve got a little one who loves doodling and playing with colour, enrolling them in an art class is a great idea!

Kids love playing with all kinds of colours and mediums, and art is an amazing way to channel creativity, expression and experimentation.

Drama Classes

If you’ve got a little drama queen or king, they’re going to love being enrolled in theatre or drama classes!

A great way to enjoy stories and literature, drama classes are tons of fun and help your toddler develop a love for the arts and gain some amazing skills.

Science Classes

Some toddlers always exhibit a penchant for taking things apart and putting them back together in innovative ways – if you’ve got a little one like this, they’re going to love being enrolled in some cool science classes!

Choose from robotics to computer animations – your toddler will gain experience in logical subjects and also be able to practice their creative side with these different tools!

The best part about these cool classes is that kids don’t just have fun; they also learn valuable things about the world. Invest in your little one by enrolling them in constructive learning experiences.

If you’re looking for more tips on parenting and a toddler’s shopping paradise, check out 1st Birthday Gifts Blog!

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