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Celebrating Your Toddler’s First Christmas

Celebrating Your Toddler’s First Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, parents are probably excited to introduce their little one to the festive season of red and white!

A holiday that everyone waits for eagerly, Christmas is a beautiful occasion celebrated with hearty food, festivities and of course, the company of our loved ones. In other words, this feel-good holiday is definitely a great one to celebrate with your baby.

So how can you make your toddler’s first Christmas an absolutely amazing one?

Get Festive!

A few weeks before Christmas, begin the festivities by putting up decorations and showing your toddler all that it’s about. Bring out the fairy lights and the Christmas tree and get the sense of fun going.

You can even begin baking Christmas cookies and cutting them out in your toddler’s favorite shapes to get the Christmas spirit flowing.

Get Your Toddler Their Own Stocking!

Stockings are the best part about Christmas – filled with goodies and cute trinkets, you can customize them any way you want!

Get your toddler their own stocking and fill it up with cute gifts and watch them play with it! You can even make your own stocking at home, which you can use for your baby’s next Christmas, too!

Play Some Christmas Tunes!

All babies love music, and turns out, it’s a pretty good way to keep your baby entertained for hours and encourage their movement!

Lay the usual Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or Frosty The Snowman for some much needed Christmas vibe – and watch your toddler laugh at the quirky, happy tunes!

Go Visit Santa!

Give your toddler a taste of Christmas by visiting Santa and his elves at the local mall! Besides, even adults love to see Santa around Christmas time!

Of course, you don’t want to overwhelm your baby, so keep the visit to Santa and his elves short and sweet!

Keep Your Baby’s Routine

Sure Christmas is a time for fun and frolic, but your baby’s still growing. Besides, it’s wise to stick to your baby’s usual feeding, bathing and sleeping schedule despite the festivities.

So don’t overbook yourself at Christmas or make it a rowdy one – sticking to your baby’s schedule is important to avoid a cranky baby the next morning.

Don’t Forget to Take Photos

Your baby’s first Christmas is bound to be one of the most memorable holidays, so charge your camera and don’t forget to take tons of pictures to celebrate the day for years to come.

You can even combine all the photos into a cute baby’s First Christmas album that you can make from construction paper, some glitter glue, ribbons and other crafts - it’s a great keepsake.

Don’t Forget The Christmas Attire!

Around Christmas time, the malls are full of Christmassy attire for toddlers- and some of them are just too irresistible!

Don’t forget to pick up some rompers, pjs, Christmas blankets and even a Christmas hat for your baby’s first Christmas – after all, it’s an occasion you’ve been waiting to celebrate!

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