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Body Ownership: Helping Kids Develop Boundaries of Their Own

Body Ownership: Helping Kids Develop Boundaries of Their Own

As a parent, one of the most important things that one needs to understand is that your child is an individual complete with their own likes, dislikes and personalities. It is often easy to forget that your child is not an extension of yourself. 

However, the key to being a good parent is acknowledging that they are a separate person and making sure that you allow them to express themselves in whichever way they want.

The second most important thing about being a parent is making sure that you guide your child along enough that they become secure enough in themselves to establish boundaries.

Learning how to establish boundaries early on is important if you want to make sure that your child does not get taken advantage of and can do well in the rest of their life.

Here are a few ways in which you can help them take ownership of their own bodies and ultimately help your kids establish their own boundaries. 

Teach by Setting an Example

Little children tend to emulate their parents quite a lot and this is exactly why teaching by example is such an effective method when it comes to kids. Set your own boundaries with the children and with your partner and make it clear that there are certain things that you are simply never going to be comfortable with. 

Set these boundaries firmly but not aggressively so that your kids know the kind of behaviour that is acceptable if someone crosses their own boundaries. Make sure that both you and your partner respect each other’s space and privacy. 

More importantly, make sure that you respect your child’s privacy! Your child is a human being and not something that you have any sort of ownership off. Give them a separate space; let them close the door of their room. Little acts like these go a long way in teaching the child the kind of behaviour that is acceptable and the kind of behaviour that is not.


Many of us might be from a generation when parents did not believe in communicating with their children, however as a society, all of us have progressed far enough to know the importance of transparent communication.

Ask your child up front about the things that they are comfortable with and the things that put them at unease. Teach them about good and bad touch and the kind of behaviour that is acceptable from the people around them. 

Ask them about how certain situations made them feel and if they are doing something that is wrong in your eyes, educate them so that they can do the right thing the next time that they are in a similar position.

These two simple tips will help your kids establish their own boundaries. All it really takes is treating them like an individual!

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