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Baby’s 1st Birthday – Planning the Perfect Birthday Bash

Baby’s 1st Birthday – Planning the Perfect Birthday Bash

Congratulations! Your baby has finally hit their first birthday and is now an official toddler! It’s time to celebrate one year of parenthood, and of course, your baby’s special day.

To celebrate the big milestone in your lives, here’s a simple guide to planning your baby’s first birthday party. We’re sure you’re excited and ready to go all out, but before you begin planning, here’s a guide that will help you organize, plan and execute a great party!

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The Date – When Should You Host It?

There’s no obligation to hold your baby’s first birthday celebration on the exact birth date. You may have some obligations here and there or your baby may not feel so festive that day, either. In fact, you definitely don’t want to celebrate a day after your baby’s vaccination!

Pick a day you’re more relaxed on, like a weekend afternoon or evening, when the weather’s good and you feel like celebrating!

The Guests – Who’s Coming?

If you’re planning an intimate, low key celebration, your guest list might include all your close relatives and others who have been there for you and your baby.

However, if you’re planning your baby’s first birthday as a big event, budget how many people you’re willing to accommodate. Remember not to overdo it out of excitement – hosting parties with a toddler can be pretty exhausting.

The Venue – Where Are You Celebrating?

Now onto the fun part! You’ve got tons of options to pick venues from. You could host one at home, out in the garden or patio. You could even host it at your baby’s grandparents’ house or book an indoor space or a party garden.

Depending on your guest list and what décor you’ve planned, pick a venue that has a festive vibe and provides you and your baby with comfort, too.

The Theme – Dressing Up the Party

Are you hosting a simple party or picking a theme? If you’re picking a theme, kudos to you for adding color and vibrancy to the event!

By now, you’ll probably know what colors, animals, books and activities your toddler enjoys. For example, if your toddler loves animals, a Jungle Safari theme with tons of animal décor, games, themed-food and cake will set the mood!

Don’t Forget to Take It Easy

Your baby’s first birthday party isn’t a competition – it’s a day of celebration. What matters most is that you and your baby get to enjoy a day of good food and love with your close relatives.

Don’t be afraid to ask your partner, friends and family to help set up the party! And don’t forget to take tons of pictures!

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