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Babies And Pets– How to Ease Your Toddler Into Being a Responsible Pet Owner

Babies And Pets– How to Ease Your Toddler Into Being a Responsible Pet Owner

Everyone loves pets. According to research, around 45% of the UK’s population owns a pet. 90% of the pet owners say that they feel happy with a pet around and 88% of them claim that a pet helps to improve quality of life.

Having a pet is a great way to hone certain skills and learn responsibility. Of course you want your toddler and pet to get along, but if you’re wondering how it’s possible, we’ve got a great way to help new parents teach their toddler the responsibility of being a pet owner!

Lead By Example

Your toddler is very impressionable, which means they learn by example. It’s important that parents model good behavior towards your pet, especially during playtime or feeding.

It’s also a great idea to invite your toddler to come watch you or take a stroll with you when you’re walking the house pet.

Talk About Animal Rights

Your toddler’s probably too young to get political, but teaching them about the rights of animals isn’t so hard. Teaching them appropriate behavior like not disturbing the pet when it’s eating or sleeping is a great way to teach them about animal rights.

Educate Them About Animal Behavior

The usual pets like dogs and cats can get pretty excitable and cause accidents if a person doesn’t understand their behavior.

Teach your child how to decipher your pet’s body language and sounds. For example, if your dog’s tail is wagging, he wants to play; if your cat meows a certain way, it’s unhappy. Making your child understand such things will encourage better handling of the family pet.

Involve Them in Pet-Related Activities

Whether it’s going to the vet or pouring kibbles in a bowl, ask your toddler if they would like to join you and help out.

By keeping your toddler involved in such activities, you are demonstrating that your pet is a living being with needs. This will increase your toddler’s sensitivity towards the family pet.

Encourage Questions 

Toddlers ask around 300 questions a day according to research. So encourage your toddler to ask you questions about your pet. Whether it’s about their grooming habits, visits to the vet, or any other thing they’re curious about, entertain your kid’s questions.

Not only will they be learning positive and factual information from you, but they will also be motivated to act on it.

Supervise Them

And most important, supervise your family pet and toddler when they’re in one room together. It’s important to be present to avoid accidents or any trouble.

Toddlers are young, curious things, and it’s best to supervise their interactions with pets.

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