A Quick Guide to Throwing a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

A Quick Guide to Throwing a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

A Quick Guide to Throwing a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

While “gender reveals parties” are extremely popular, nowadays, more and more parents prefer to keep their baby showers neutral. Some parents don’t want to push their kids into ill-fitted gender boxes and choose to patiently wait for the endearing surprise.
Although celebrating your baby’s gender isn’t a bad thing, a gender neutral approach allows parents to bring up children with talents that aren’t restricted to their sex. However, it seems that most baby shower props and décor on the market are gender specific. An all-blue baby shower or a princess-themed, bright pink event doesn’t leave that many options for gender-neutral parents.
But, don’t worry. We’re here to offer some of the best tips for a neutral yet exciting baby shower. If you’re hooked to the cause, then keep reading for a quick guide to throwing a gender neutral baby shower.

⦁ Choose a Balanced Colour Palette

Since most baby showers are gender-specific by being either blue or pink, pick a neutral colour for your event. You can choose any colour you want, including gray, orange, purple, or even brown! You can also buy blue and pink props; however, make sure to keep the colours well-balanced. Yellow, white, and light green are wonderful pastels that send the message without coming off as too simple.

⦁ Or Ditch the Colours and Pick a Neutral Theme

You can leave out the colour theme altogether and plan an adventure-themed or a woodland animal-themed baby shower. Not only will this help you skip on the gender reveal entirely, but it will also make for an extraordinary baby shower.
The kids and adults at the event are going to love the exotic and creative props. If the baby shower is close to the holiday season, you can also plan a Christmas-themed event. Add little accents that represent the theme, like personalized Christmas stocking, stuffed elves, and a classic Christmas cake.

⦁ Go For Gender-Neutral Party Favours

While your guests will be bringing batches of gifts for your child to be, you can treat them to some gender-neutral party favours. A personalized carousel moneybox, a bunny toy, or a white baby fleece robe are perfect items to gift your guests at the end of the event.

⦁ Prepare the Invitations

Keep the invitations simple with a gender-neutral theme. Keep the colours light by choosing earthy tones like white, sand, or hints of sage. Secure the invitations with a ribbon or leather band. You can also add a list of fun games and activities for couples that both partners can enjoy at the baby shower!

And, that’s it! Follow this guide for a simple yet fun gender-neutral baby shower. If you want to read helpful pieces on parenthood tips, then check out DCARO UK! And while you’re at it, browse the website for gender-neutral gifts!

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