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A Guide to Your Baby’s First Winter

A Guide to Your Baby’s First Winter

If this is your newborn’s first winter, you’re probably thinking of ways to keep them snug and warm. Dressing them in layers and keeping them wrapped in a warm blanket might be on the top of your list. And, rightly so. The last thing you would want is your little one to get sick from the cold.
Unlike adults, babies can’t regulate their body temperatures on their own. They need to kept exceptionally warm and protected so that they’re not overwhelmed during the winter season. However, there’s not much to worry about.
As long as you’re careful about a few things, your baby will be perfectly fine. Here’s a quick guide on how to keep your baby warm in winters.

⦁ Layers Are the Only Rule

Here’s the only rule to follow in winters: dress your baby is lots and lots of layers. If they are wearing a sleepsuit, add another shirt or a pair of shorts, and wrap them in a big, cosy blanket. However, make sure that all the clothes are breathable. You don’t want your baby to feel suffocated or cramped inside the layers.
These personalized fleece blankets and cotton baby blankets are extremely soft and velvety. Made from a hypoallergenic fabric, they will keep your baby warm and comfortable all day long. They’re perfect for bedtime. If you’re heading out, you can also use layers of these warm blankets to keep your baby snug in the car seat.

⦁ Make Bed-time Super Cosy

Most parents might overlook this but dressing your baby for sleep, especially during winters, is super-important. Try not to put on extra layers and stay on the cool side. That is much safer for the child as over-heated babies are more vulnerable to SIDS.
Just do a few layers. A comfortable bodysuit with soft-footed PJs is good enough. You can also put on a knit hat for extra warmth. Layer with a cotton-swaddling blanket and your baby’s good to go.
You can always add another fleece blanket depending upon the room’s temperature. However, make sure they’re excessively warm. You can do this by checking your newborn’s neck for any sweat. In fact, if the baby sleeps in bed with you, they won’t be needing many layers. They will benefit from the heat of your body.

⦁ Keep Them Snug in the Car

Car seats can get terribly cold in the winters. Make sure you have the heater turned on to warm up the car before you put your baby in the back seat. However, when it comes to dressing, try not to overdo it. Snowsuits and puffy winter coats can cause the car seat straps to loosen. This can be a major safety hazard.
Instead, dress your baby in a long-sleeved babysuit, socks, and a winter hat. Buckle them into the car seat and then add a few layers of blankets to keep them warm and safe. Nonetheless, if you live in an exceptionally cold climate, it’s best to buy a car seat liner for your little one.

Remember to keep the baby’s room extra-warm and moist with a humidifier. And, try to take them out in the sun as much as you can. If you’re looking for cosy blankets for your little one and more parenthood tips, check out DCARO UK!

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