7 Foods Your Toddler Must Eat

7 Foods Your Toddler Must Eat

7 Foods Your Toddler Must Eat

Feeding toddlers can be – let’s face it – quite chaotic. Especially if they’re not a fan of what they’re eating!

As a concerned parent, you’re probably worried your toddler isn’t getting the right diet or enough nutrients, but don’t worry, we’ve got a cool list of foods toddlers will love – and will eat!

1.     Eggs

Eggs are packed with tons of protein and vitamin D, which will help your toddler feel full and keep them strong. Boiled, scrambled, fried, and poached – serve them however you want. There are tons of ways to make eating an egg exciting, like this uber cute egg cup!

Or you can use cool cooking stencils to make cool shapes.

2.     Oatmeal

Full of healthy fiber and vitamins that keep blood sugar low, this power food gives your toddler a healthy and natural boost of energy. It also helps to facilitate concentration and healthy bowel movement.

The best part about oatmeal is that you can bake with it, make pancakes, add them to smoothies, and also make savory dishes!

3.     Tofu

For parents looking to raise their kids on a vegetarian diet – or not – Tofu is one of the best foods out there. Made from soy and full of anti-cancer and tissue building nutrients, use it in soups, smoothies, and lunches for a healthy treat.

Tofu is also a great substitute for chicken – made from soy; it’s got more protein and lesser fat.

4.     Tomatoes

Packed with good fats and cancer protectants, get your toddler in the habit of loving tomatoes. When paired with other good-fat foods, it absorbs better in the body.

So whip up a batch of Bolognese, chili or some homemade salsa to give your toddler a good dose of this power food.

5.     Greek Yogurt

Full of healthy probiotics that improve digestion and gut health, Greek yogurt is also a natural immunity booster. It’s cool, yummy, and definitely a must-have for growing kids.

You can serve it with fresh fruit or honey, and even add it to your baking batter to make healthy treats for your kid.

6.     Cocoa

Who says chocolate is bad for kids? Well, in reality, cocoa isn’t bad for kids. It helps to regulate blood pressure and improve cardiac and oral health, too.

You can serve natural cocoa in any way. Use it in pancakes, French toast, or make some hot chocolate before bed for your toddler.

7.     Fruit and Vegetables

Get your toddler into the habit of eating raw fruits and veggies – they’re packed from A to Z with all the nutrients and minerals that matter.

Besides, you can even serve fruit as toppings on breakfast cereal and make yummy smoothies combining both fruits and vegetables to give your toddler a boost of health!

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