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7 Essentials You Need Before Bringing Your Newborn Home

7 Essentials You Need Before Bringing Your Newborn Home

First time parents-to-be are guilty of making one mental list after the other. After all, there’s just so much that you need before the baby comes along.
Plus everyone, from your own parents to distant relatives, feels free to pitch in and tell you all about their first time and their lists. And you nervously jot down everything you shouldn’t miss the next time you go shopping.
When there are so many opinions, it’s easy to lose track of what you really need and what can wait till after. You’re about to go through the biggest change in your life and you need to be smart about where you spend your money.
Here, we’ve prepared a list of things you need for a new baby to help reduce some of your anxiety.

⦁ A Car Seat for a Newborn

Before anything else, you need to get a car seat for your newborn installed in your car. Their safety is super important and should never be compromised.

⦁ Diapers

You need to have a package of diapers ready for you at home. Make sure you’re getting the right size for your baby according to his weight.

⦁ Breast Pump

Moms who wish to breastfeed need to get a breast pump. It’ll make things a lot easier for them especially in the first few days when they’re too tired and need all the rest they can get. They can catch up on all their sleep while their partner takes care of feeding the baby.

⦁ A Crib or a Bassinet

You may plan to sleep next to your baby, but you should still get a crib or a bassinet where you can safely put them to sleep throughout the day. Get cribs and bassinets of good quality that will last a long time so you can reuse them if you plan to have a second or third kid.

⦁ Burp Cloths

If there’s one thing you must’ve seen newborns do a lot is they vomit a lot. It’s not a lot but it’s enough to soil their clothes. You don’t want to change their clothes every two hours, which is why you need to buy burp cloths. You can sling them over your shoulder when you’re carrying your baby and keep a few in every room in your house.

⦁ Clothes and Blankets

Buy rompers, jumpsuits, underwear and undershirts, and anything else you find cute from the children’s clothing stores but don’t get too many. Newborns can grow out of their clothes within weeks or months. Instead of buying a lot of clothes in the same size, you should buy some clothes in older sizes as well.
You also need to buy as many blankets as you can so you can swaddle your baby when you’re taking them outside or keeping them warm.

⦁ Bath-time Essentials

You need to bathe your baby regularly. For bath-time, you need to get your hands on a plastic infant tub, washcloths, baby soaps and hooded towels.

Now that you know what you need to get, you can feel a lot less anxious and devote all your time and energy on taking care of your baby.

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