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4 Ways to Dress Your Baby for Winter

4 Ways to Dress Your Baby for Winter

As the weather gets colder, it’s only natural for new parents to bundle up their newborns to keep them cosy and warm.
But dressing a baby for winter can be tricky because too many layers can make your baby cranky. It’s important to get your shopping done and stock up on all the winter newborn essentials before the first signs of winter to keep your baby safe.
One way to tell if your baby is cold is by feeling his toes and belly. You’ll know your baby is overdressed if he’s warm all over. If he’s cold to the touch, then you need to dress him up so that he’s able to stay warm.
Here are some tips on how to dress a newborn baby in winter.

⦁ Keep Their Hands and Feet Snug

Don’t forget to grab a handful of socks and mittens from baby clothing stores so you can keep your baby’s hands and feet protected from the weather. Babies don’t have as many oil glands as adults which is why their skin can easily dry out as well. Don’t forget to moisturize regularly and use woollen gloves and socks when you’re going outside, especially during snowy days.

⦁ Dress Your Baby for the Car Seat

You’ll want to dress your baby up in fluffy coats and snowsuits when you’re taking him outside, but you should know that these aren’t safe during car rides as they can make the car seat straps loose and put your baby at risk.
Avoid swaddling him up in blankets as well as they can also make it difficult for you to buckle your baby securely in place. It’s better to warm up the car before taking your baby inside. If the climate is too cold and you worry about your child’s health, then you should get your hands on a car seat liner.

⦁ Keep Your Baby Warm but Not Too Warm for Bed

If your baby likes to snuggle up to you during bedtime then there’s a chance he doesn’t need as many layers as you’d like to put on him. That’s because the heat of your body can be enough to keep him warm.
In such cases, all you need is a full-sleeved body suit with leggings suit to keep him cosy but not too cosy. If this doesn’t seem enough, put an undershirt under the bodysuit or use a blanket to keep him toasty all through the night.
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⦁ Cover Your Baby's Head and Ears

You need to cover your baby’s head and ears too when you’re taking him outside in the winter. Find hats with ear flaps or make sure they’ll go down to his ears and keep them warm. Your baby may pull it off if the hat isn’t made from the right fabric, so you need to check the fabric making a purchase.

Regardless of the weather, you need to consider your baby’s needs and make sure he’s comfortable. Follow your gut because if you’re cold then chances are your baby is too. Check your baby’s belly and toes frequently to make wardrobe adjustments whenever necessary.

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