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4 Gift Ideas for Your BFF Who Just Had a Baby

4 Gift Ideas for Your BFF Who Just Had a Baby

What could be more exciting than your best friend and soul sister finally welcoming a new life? Having seen the best and worst of life together, you probably can’t wait to celebrate the baby shower. A new chapter is about to begin in her life. And, as emotional and overwhelming this is for her, you definitely need to gift her something extraordinary to celebrate the newborn! 

So, without further ado, here are some thoughtful baby gift ideas to get for the new mummy! 

A Personalized Fleece Blanket 

The moment the baby is born, the first thing he’ll be wrapped up in after a good bathe is a soft blanket. It’s very important to swaddle infants as it reminds them of their mother’s womb. Instead of using one provided by the hospital staff, get her a personalized fleece blanket!

It’s incredibly soft, hypo-allergenic, and will keep the baby super-warm and cosy. The blanket is easy to wash and big enough to properly envelope a new-born. Plus, the fabric has a pleasant smell, making it ideal for little babies. Your best friend will thank you every time she wraps it around her infant and lulls them to sleep. 

A Personalized Baby Blanket 

The best thing about personalized gifts for a newborn is that you can have the baby’s initials or name inscribed over them. This baby blanket lets you print the baby’s initials over it, which makes the gift all the more special and intimate. 

It makes for a memorable gift for baby showers or a 1st year’s birthday gift. Above all, it’ll make you a wonderful best friend/aunt. 

Personalized Initial Sleeping Suit 

Once the baby is born, your best friend will become busy feeding and putting them to sleep. Infants take their sweet time – upto 3-4 months – before their sleeping patterns adjust. In this difficult time, your best friend will thank you for anything and everything that soothes the baby and helps them go to sleep faster. 

And, there’s nothing better than this extremely soft, warm, and cosy sleeping suit for the baby to fit into. Its smooth and soft skin-fit fabric will make the baby feel secure and well-covered. Super-stretchy and easy to wash, the sleepsuit can even outline the infant years! And, the best part? You can get the newborn’s initials printed on it. 

A Super-Cute, Personalized Bunny Toy 

As the little one grows up, this cute little bunny toy will make for a delightful best-friend. It’s soft, plush, and can be personalized with your baby’s name. As they get older, the little one will love playing and wrestling with this bunny toy. 

Make your best friend’s day with these super-cute, practical, and thoughtful gift ideas for the newborn. The best part is that you can add an endearing touch by personalizing each of these gifts for the new comer! 

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