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4 Easy Ways to Soothe a Colic Baby

4 Easy Ways to Soothe a Colic Baby

Your newborn has been fed, burped, and changed, but they still won’t stop crying. Yes, all infants cry, but if yours has been bawling endlessly for hours, then they are probably colic. Colicky babies have a greater tendency to spend the entire night crying. The abdomen pain can be severe most of the time, making the condition unbearable.

While you may know that your baby is colic, you probably don’t know how to soothe and lull them to sleep. Even though it is frustrating and forces you to pull all-nighters, the good news is that colic is temporary.

It may take a maximum of 3-4 months for your baby to adjust to the new life, and the condition will quickly subside. But how do you tackle the constant wailing and agitation during the initial months? Well, here are some of the most effective tips for colicky babies from parents who have successfully passed this stage.

Swaddle Your Baby

The pain in the abdomen is most commonly caused by the obstructed wind. The best thing to do when your baby cries is to swaddle and pick them up. To you, it might look like putting your baby in a straitjacket, but to them, it’s like being back in the womb.

Take a velvety-soft large comforter or blanket and wrap it tightly around your baby. Gently cradle your newborn in your arms or let him rest his head on your shoulders. You can even place him on his back to allow the wind to pass through. Normally, infants respond well to being held after they’ve been tightly swaddled.

Repeat the Motion

To soothe the baby, keep them in motion. Either swing them sideways in your own arms or use a bouncer to gently lull them back to sleep. Repetitive motion allows the painful colic to subside quickly.

Turn On White Noise

If your baby hasn’t stopped crying yet, then you might want to try some soothing sounds. Put on a white noise app that plays sounds of waves crashing or raindrops falling. You can even try slow music. The unusual but repetitive sound is a good way to distract your baby from the wailing.

Always Hold Them Upright after Feeding

The acid reflux is a major cause of colic in babies, so make sure to hold them upright for at least 30 minutes right after feeding. Most babies experience excruciating heartburn because the milk goes back up. However, holding your newborn upright and allowing them to burp properly will alleviate colic symptoms.

Make sure never to lay them down on their backs or recline in a car seat. Taking care of these little things can greatly reduce abdominal pain.

Learning how to soothe a colic baby is quite easy. All you need is a little patience with your kid and yourself. You’re a great parent, and using the tips above will definitely help your baby sleep peacefully! For more tips on parenting and relaxing comforters for your baby, check out DCARO UK!

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