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3 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Toddler

3 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Toddler

Most parents think that their toddler is too small to understand meaningful interactions. They usually wait for their children to grow a little older to be able to plan fun activities that the kid can “comprehend”. 

Sadly, your kid’s formative years are the most crucial time of their life. All the interactions and memories that are observed at this age remain with the child forever. These years are the most critical in shaping your child’s cognitive architecture. 

For this reason, it’s highly important to interact and engage with your toddler frequently. Don’t wait for them to cross the age of 3 to set up a reading nook for them or talk to them about “empathy”. Your kid, no matter how rowdy, is observing you intently. 

How and what you say to them, along with your physical presence in their life, is integral to their future self-esteem and confidence. Your child is an entirely different human who is forming their experiences through their interaction with you.

They are benefits of spending time with your toddler. Keeping that in mind, here are 3 thoughtful ways to spend more quality time with your child, which will inevitably shape their adult life. 

Play a Game They Like 

Children don’t have control over their emotions and like to follow their hearts. If you want to spend time with your kid, you have to do things “their” way. You can play running games or hide and seek. However, the best time to plan a game is usually after dinner, when the entire family can participate. 

Gather some popcorn and bring out a fun card game. Apples to Apples Junior, Go Fish, and Beggar My Neighbour are some of the best games to play with your toddler. Not only are they easy, fun, and intuitive, but they also encourage the spirit of family love, unity, and teamwork in your little one. 

Get Colourful and Crafty 

Toddlers love to explore with their hands. This is why they will always make a mess of the food, take toys in their mouths, and crawl under tables and corners. This makes it the perfect age to get artistic and crafty with them. 

Get some crayons or watercolours for some hand painting. Allow them to feel the visual and physical sensations of using colours on canvas. And, most importantly, sit down and paint with them. They will remember your company, which will contribute to their emotional and mental wellbeing. 

You can also use this time for some early education and teach them how to draw shapes, numbers, and alphabets. But more than anything, it’s your time and attention that will anchor them to the artistic moment. 

Read to Them or Cook With Them!

Try reading a book aloud to your kid and accompany it with gestures and emotions. This will reinforce your voice and your reactions in their mind and is a great way to spend quality time together! 

Instead of complaining about your kid being a troublemaker, include them in the kitchen work. Collect all the ingredients, teach them all the names, and start cooking with them. Your toddler will associate themselves with the dish they make and that will contribute to their self-confidence. 

So, that’s it – some unique parenthood tips to try out with your growing toddler. For more insightful reads on parent-toddler relationships, check out DCARO UK!

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