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3 Ways to Connect With Your Kids

3 Ways to Connect With Your Kids

As your children grow, emotional connection becomes crucial. Emotional safety gives them permission to feel vulnerable in front of you. How you talk to your children, the words you use the most, and how you express love plays a powerful role in your child’s personality.
Connecting with them on a deeper level at a young age is incredibly important. A 3-4-year-old child is old enough to reciprocate love and express their own emotions. Whether they had a bad day at school, felt exhilarated playing a sport, or have curious questions on science, children at this age are well-equipped to ask and express.
So, if you’re looking to build that irreplaceable connection with your little one, then keep reading. Here are some thoughtful ways on how to emotionally connect with your child.

⦁ Start By Validating Your Child’s Emotions

The best way to nurture a wholesome relationship with your kid is to make them feel that they’re heard. You can do this in many ways. If they’re school-going or have recently joined a toddler group, make it a point to ask them about their day.
Questions like, “Did you have fun?”, “Did you eat well?”, “Did you share your lunch with someone?”, and “Who was the kindest to you today?” are affectionate ways to elicit responses from your child. Above all, it validates their feelings.
Validating your child’s emotions teaches them to be comfortable with themselves. If they’re feeling, frustrated, or annoyed, encourage them to talk about it. Not expressing their feelings will eventually lead to guilt or shame as they grow old.
Use every-day opportunities to help them and speak about every emotion in a non-accusatory manner. When your child knows their emotions are valid, they will know how to act appropriately instead of whining and complaining. If your kid doesn’t get a toy he wants, tell him that you understand his disappointment. This will help him put a name to what he’s feeling and understand it better.

⦁ Physical Expression of Love

Physical love like hugging and kissing are the cornerstone of a strong, emotional bond with your little one. Give them a hug when they’re leaving for school, when they return, and when you put them to bed. As little humans, they crave physical connection as it gives them reassurance.

⦁ Spend Technology-Free Time with Them

Even though technology is wonderful, it can create a deep chasm in a parent-child relation. When your child observes you on the phone the entire day, they are much likely to do the same. It’s incredibly important to spare a few minutes with your little one in nature.
Go out for a walk, look at the stars, take them for a drive, and watch the sunset together. And, in those moments, ask them about their life, their dreams, and the things they love the most. You’ll be amazed at the creative and inspiring ideas they’ve had in their minds all this time.

These are some of the best ways to connect with a 3-year-old. All your child really needs is an attentive ear and your reassurance. For more parenthood tips, check out DCARO UK!

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