1st Birthday Gift Idea

1st Birthday Gift Idea

1st Birthday Gift Idea

Choosing a Birthday gift can be tricky, especially if it’s for the First Birthday. You can always ask if the parents need something specific. However, if you’re still stuck on what to get for someone’s first birthday, here are some gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


Growth Chart

This would make a perfect first birthday gift because, at this age, the child just begins to stand on their legs and sometimes, even walk. It’s a gender neutral gift that would prove to be useful whether it is supposed to be for a boy or a girl.


Small Chair

A cozy and soft chair would where the little one can relax with a bottle of milk is also a good idea.



Look for toys that are long-lasting, multifunctional and engaging. The gifts that make an impact and will be the best investment are things the kid can use for years. Since the child is only a year old, pick high-quality toys made from heavy-duty plastic or wood so they do not break easily.


Personalized gifts

Giving something personalized is always a good idea, not only because it shows that you put in extra effort to find the perfect gift but also because it is going to be unique.

Whether it’s a boy or girl, you can give a Personalized Birthday Gift, like a blanket, towels, onesie or even a storybook. Pick something that stands the test of time so it is memorable and they end up using it for a long time.


Personalized Storybook

Every kid would love own personalized storybooks. They are not only adorable and incorporate the baby’s name in a way that is very educational, but also make for a very affordable gift.



Personalized Dressing Gowns & Bathrobes

Get something warm and cozy for the little one. A beautiful personalized baby dressing gown would be perfect! A personalized baby bathrobe or a dressing gown is not only a good idea because the baby’s name would be on it, but also because the toddler can utilize it during bath time and nap time.


Personalized Hoodie

You can also get the little one a soft and warm hoodie. Personalizing it will ensure it is keepsake-worthy. And the best part is, when the child grows out of it, they can give it to their favorite teddy bear.


If you want your gift to be memorable and something the toddlers would keep with them even if they grow up, go for things that are personalized, multifunctional, practical and realistic.


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